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Thermal Power Engineering Answers

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A rankine cycle has the following operating conditions, steam pressure, 2.5 MPa, steam temperature, 280°C, Exhaust pressure 0.026 MPa, indicated steam rate, 5.45 kg/kwh, mechanical efficiency, 90%. For ideal cycle and engine, calculate (a) thermal efficiency, (b) The engine steam rate, (c) The actual condition of exhaust steam, and (d) The steam flow rate in kg/h for 1 Mw generator output at 94% efficiency. Ans. (a) 28.6%, 28.5%; (b) 4.69 kg/kwh; (c) 86.33%; (d) 6447 kg/h
i want to know about all dimensions of solar flat plate collector for modeling in cad software.
please help me with it. i want it for capacity of 200 L.
A piston cylinder contains gas initially at 3500 kPa with a volume of 0.03 cubic meter. The gas is compressed during a process where pV raise to 4.25 = C to a pressure og 8500 kPa. The heat transfer from the gas is 2.5 kJ. Determine the change in internal energy, neglecting changes in kinetic and potential energies.
1.) Air expands through a nozzle from 75 to 15 psia. The enthalpy decreases by 48 Btu/lbm. The flow is adiabatic and the inlet velocity is very low. calculate the exit velocity.

2.) The flow rate through a steam nozzle is 450 kg/h. The initial and final pressures are 1400 and 14 kPa, respectively. THe initial and final velocities are 150 and 1200 m/s, respectively. If there is no heat transfer, calculate the change in enthalpy.

3.) Steam expands adiabatically through a nozzle from 1400 to 14 kPa. The initial and final enthalpy values are 3300 and 2800 kJ/kg, respectively, and the initial velocity is very low. Determine the final velocity.
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