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Estimate the Young’s modulus of a material. Given r0=2.5 Å, n = 1, m = 9, and A = 7.68×10–29 J m.
formula factor of the safety (FS) in respect of stress calculate
For a 1080 steel that has been water quenched, estimate the tempering time at 535 C to
achieve a hardness of 45 HRC.
I have to design an active filter of order 2 low-pass rauch bessel structure. i found the circuit online under this name : MFB Complex Pole-Pair Section or Infinite-impulse, multiple feedback low pass filter. I have f cut=15Hz C1=50 pF. I need to find R1=R2=R3=R and C2. I was given the bessel coefficients a1=1.340, b1=0.490,a2=0.774, b2=0.389
Difference between crystal structure and crystal systems
Extended from Task 1, Determine the compressive force induced in the bar if it is rigidly held and
the expansion prevented. Note take your calculated value for change of length that takes place.
Calculate the amount of heat transfer required to change 88 kg of ice (solid state) which is at 00C to
water (liquid state) of 100C. The specific heat capacity of ice is 2090 J/kg0C and the specific latent heat
of fusion is 335 kJ/kg.
Reproduce the Copper – Nickel binary phase equilibrium diagram shown in fig.1 and apply Gibbs phase rule to calculate the degrees of freedom for a Cu - 50% Ni alloy at; a) 1380oC b) 1300oC c) 1150oC
A 55% Ni Cu-Ni alloy is cooled from liquid state to 1300 oC. Calculate the % of Liquid and solid at 1300 oC.
the atomic packaging factor of iron decreases by what percentage you when it is cooled from 1000 to 900°c
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