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What is nondestructive electric test in pipes? In standard ASME SA106
What is ladle analysis and product analysis in steel ? Why it is done and what parameters are tested here ?
Describe the effect of Talc and Steatite and Pyrophyllite on properties of ceramic bodies
identify the factor of safety in operation
Determine the output power of the heat exchanger
Determine the heat energy received per kilogram of steam produced
Assuming a Factor of Safety of 2, what is the allowable stress of a steel bar if its yield s trength is 400 N/mm2 and the ultimate strength is 300 N/mm2?
I am also doing electrophoretic coating on Mg alloy in propanol suspension, but I have queries related to that is it possible that Mg(OH)2 is formed during any of the stages of HAP coating.
5000kg of steel drives a turbine,steel enters tge turbine at a pressure of 44 bar,temperature of 450c and a liner velocity of 60m/s .the turbine delivers a shaft work at a rate of 700 kw and the rate of heat loss by the turbine is 10'4 kcal/hr.calculate the specific enthalpy associated with the process
A heat exchanger (boiler) produces dry steam at 100 from feed water at 30 at a rate of 1.5kg/s. The specific heat capacity of water is 4187 J/kgK and its specific latent heat of vaporization is 2,257,000 J/kg
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