10 Things Students Look Forward to Over Winter Break

Winter Break

It’s the season to be jolly!

A long and dreadful fall semester has come and goes, which means the holiday season is finally upon us. It’s time to bid goodbye to your books, take a break from exhausting homework and head back home to spend the most wonderful time of the year with old friends and family.

And since you don’t want to waste your vacation by thinking ofhat your GPA will be, here are 10 things to look forward to over winter break.

1) Eat real food.

When was the last time you ate something you really liked? No, that tub of your favorite ice cream last Friday doesn’t count. Going back home for the holidays means a chance to eat some real food! No need to order pizza and portion it to make it last the whole weekend. No more instant noodles and loads of chemicals found in them. No more fast food and their calories. And the best thing is you can eat all you want for FREE!

2) Reunite with family.

Sometimes, you can’t help but wonder how you miss your family despite their craziness. There’s your mother who never stops nagging, your dad who doesn’t seem to have a care in the world about you, and your siblings who do everything in their power to ruin a perfectly beautiful day. Yet you have to admit that you want to see and be with them. That includes your crazy Uncle Bob and his terrible dance at the weekend barbecue.

3) Go partying or traveling.

Miss the good old days when you could go to the local park and enjoy a lazy afternoon with friends and family? Why not bring back those days by visiting your favorite places? You only have a few days to spend, so make every minute count. Dine at your favorite restaurant, check out new landmarks in your area, or even go partying with friends. No need to worry about sudden assignments during your vacation. You can always use assignment writing services even during the holidays.

4) Meet old friends.

“You back in the city?”, asks your old buddy, Jim.

It’s always nice to see your old friends and catch up on things. This includes talking behind the back of that girl who made your teenage years a living hell. And of course, trying to figure out what’s going on with your first crush.

5) Catch up on family stuff.

Well, this one is a little tricky. It’s great to hear about your parents and siblings doing fine. But sometimes, it’s irritating when they keep asking about college.

“How’s college?”

“Are you getting good grades?”

“Have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”

At this point, you answer:

“College is fine, my grades are fine, and I’m fine living alone.”

And let’s not get started with family drama. Getting in the loop can be more trouble than you’d expect. But as you age, your parents tend to open up about these things like your Aunt Sarah still not paying her huge debt.

6) Watch your favorite shows.

If you had enough time to keep up with your favorite TV shows during the semester, then congratulations! You probably got low grades. Winter break, however, means you get to be a couch potato again at least for a few days. It’s time for Netflix and chill!

7) Bond with your pet.

Miss your childhood pet, Dazzle? Now that you don’t have to worry about books and research papers, you have all the time you want to cuddle with your furry companion. There’s a good chance you missed your pet much more than your friends and family. Hey, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Just take a look at SnapChat and Instagram. You’ll find your friends posting selfies with their pets throughout the break.

8) Sleep in, take naps and no alarms.

A close second to dazzle in the list of things you miss the most is your bed. Nothing feels better than sleeping in the comfort of your own room. No roommate who keeps you up all night while she flirts with her boyfriend. No alarms to wake you up even if it feels you only got a couple hours of shuteye. No early morning class to force you out of bed, which means you can sleep in and take naps as much as you want.

9) Shower in your own shower.

They say that the little things in life bring the most joy. This certainly applies to being able to shower in your own shower. At least for a little while, you can say goodbye to shower shoes. There’s no icky feeling in every step as you don’t have to worry about grimy tiles and acquiring athlete’s foot. This goes for your own bathroom as well. Surely, you wouldn’t miss the awkwardness of having someone pee at the next stall, engaging in small talk while brushing your teeth, and moving your bowels despite other people being around.

10) Going back to college.

It’s a question as old as time: Why do we miss home when we’re in college and miss college when we’re at home?

It’s pretty safe to say that most students get tired of staying at home after spending several weeks away from the classroom. You’ve done everything you wanted, seen everyone you missed, and eaten all the foods you craved for.

Then after a while, you start getting irritated by family and friends. Your mom starts to make you do the dishes. Your old friends are making you do things you’re really not into. Your mind starts to wonder about how your college buddies are doing. These are clear signs you’ve stayed long enough.

Winter break is often filled with excitement, but there comes a point in which you need to get back to reality and wake up early to go to class again. It’s time to see your GPA, eat unhealthy food, and live with that pesky roommate.

But for now, enjoy your vacation as much as you can. And if any of your professors suddenly give you assignments during the break, just use an online assignment help service so you can spend every minute doing things not related to college life.

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