Why Do We Need Higher Education?

Higher education has always been considered as necessary attribute of an intelligent person who pretends to a worthy place in society, respect and honor. Moreover, anyone ever wonders how the education was received, in what area, with what marks and whether it influenced in general the intellectual of people. The presence of the paper and line in resume immediately changed status.


Today, things are not so simple – due to the development of information technology, the Internet, where the personality of the employee, education documents are not important – only valued skills and abilities. So many of the modern high school graduates do not want to lose a few years while studying at the university, and immediately begin to work, trying to implement their plans, creativity, skill. Many employers have already realized that the availability of diploma does not guarantee a high level of skill, while in the absence of a document a specialist may have expertise and a real talent in the chosen field.

So if you have special abilities, profound knowledge and skills you can get a good job without a diploma. This is especially true of creative professions where you need the presence of talent; handwork and hard work are valued. The main thing is to know how to show own positive skills as professional and interest the employer so that he will give a chance. While working a really upscale employee will be able to prove that the lack of a diploma has nothing to say and he is worth a high pay and further advance in his career.

The work in the Internet does not need a college degree – although many employers point about having a diploma, in practice it turns out that this is not the main thing that interests them. In this case, the most important is self-education, a constant search for information, improvement of own skill level. Reading materials and tutorials, you can easily learn how to shoot, create websites, advertising campaigns, etc. Only real abilities and skills of the applicant, examples of finished works and projects, and the desire to learn and achieve new heights are valued in this area.

Only those who want to work in areas where higher education is traditionally included into the list of requirements cannot do their job without higher education – technical specialties, doctors, teachers, senior positions in financial corporations, etc. Here in order to be able to prove the professionalism and ability, you must first submit a diploma.


Nevertheless, in modern society, with the rapid information growth the professionals need to learn almost all their life. Previously, you could afford to learn once and for all. This stock of knowledge was enough for a lifetime. Today the idea of ​​“lifelong learning” results in the need to find new methods of knowledge transfer and learning technologies. The use of Internet technologies and e-learning opens up new opportunities for continuous learning and professional retraining of specialists, getting the second education makes learning more accessible.

E-learning is great ability to get higher education and usually is cheaper than traditional one, primarily by reducing the cost of travel, living in another city, reducing the cost of organizing courses (no need to pay for classrooms, less staff, the costs on teachers can be reduced, and so etc.). That’s why if you don’t have the financial opportunities to study at the university, just address to the distance learning.

Anyway, higher education is the ticket to the world of unlimited opportunities, where you can get from the assistant to the position of director of multinational corporation!

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