What Professions will be Demanded in the Future?

Despite the fact that many professions are gradually becoming unclaimed due to changes in working conditions, the development of a technical process, there are certain professions and occupations, which will soon be very popular (and already are). After all, specialists in these categories are not enough and in the future their work will be even more relevant and in demand.


The work of employees in information technology will continue to be very relevant. Moreover, the demand for the representatives of the profession will grow steadily, as today we can observe quite the dynamic development of the Internet, software market, etc. Therefore, IT specialists are required in both large corporations and in small companies.

Experts in the field of tourism will be very important. Every year the number of people who can afford to rest in another country or another continent, is steadily growing and so the demand for employees who are able to organize a quality vacation at a minimal price, will be able to choose the most suitable tour in accordance with the requirements and wishes of the client, will increase. Especially such things as visits to exotic countries and rural tourism (eco-tourism) will be especially popular.


Because of every day increase in number of accidents and natural disasters the demand for specialists in the field of insurance will rise. In many countries people are just beginning to open the possibility of medical and pension insurance, life insurance. Experts predict that this area will be developed extremely rapidly in the next 5-10 years, and insurers will be much demanded.

Qualified medical personnel will still be not enough, as demand for their services is growing every day. Despite the fact that humanity during the period of its development, was able to overcome and eliminate many dangerous diseases, every day there are new viruses and strains so specialists will be needed. There is a shortage of medical workers in both large cities and small towns. Moreover, there is a lack of qualified doctors of different categories and specialties, as well as of junior medical staff (nurses). According to experts, family doctors, pediatricians, therapists, laboratory assistants and emergency doctors are required most of all.

Today, homes are built very dynamically: industrial and administrative buildings, as well as residential ones; and more and more unskilled workers are involved in the construction. Gradually, however, developers are beginning to realize that savings on unskilled labor can bring serious spending to fix various problems. Therefore it will be observed a steady increase in demand for representatives of various building specialties who have the appropriate education, knowledge and skills.

The profession related to the activity in the advertising business will be very popular. Today, advertising is really just the engine and therefore the cost of advertising campaigns and promotions are growing day by day, and skilled workers who are able to think creatively and carry out their duties effectively, will be valued very highly.

Scientific representatives will be at their peak. The first place is given to the study of atoms and molecules; the state encourages and supports nanotechnologies. This could include space and medical research, engineering and aviation, including engineering at the atomic level. Examples of occupations of the future could be: a specialist in the creation of synthetic food for the poor, farmers of GMOs, “vertical farmers”, they will be engaged in growing food on roofs of skyscrapers, nuclear architects, manufacturers of robots.

This is only a tentative list of required professions of the future because we don’t know exactly what will happen tomorrow. The most important thing in this case is to understand what your soul desires, what you can do and what cannot, and then the choice of profession will be resolved by itself. Do not forget to work on yourself – without self-improvement any qualification is out of date!

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