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Study at home

As early as January 2020, the world has shifted in many ways, dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Local and federal governments are taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus by imposing widespread quarantines and limiting the opportunities of face-to-face interactions.

You may have received a plethora of e-mails and messages from stores and companies around the world explaining the situation at hand and that their services and stores may be very limited – even temporarily closed. Restaurants are becoming a delivery-only service, and public transport and taxis might not be functioning. 

Essential places are left open, such as grocery stores, post offices, hospitals and clinics, and a few others. But this leaves entertainment, education, and many other industries out in the cold, asked to close down and adapt to the growing problems.

How to Cope with Covid-19

To some, it may seem like a major inconvenience, but these measures are a surefire way to help the world cope. First and foremost, the important issue to tackle is finding ways to slow down the spread of the virus – because that’s what we are able to do at the moment. Our healthcare workers are working around the clock – dealing with not only people showing symptoms, but also others who may be ill with other things.

As most governments and establishments have suggested, staying at home and limiting your social interactions while a quarantine is happening is the best thing we can do to help. But be sure to check your local government’s restrictions – as they may vary from one place to another. Staying inside can lead you to massive amounts of boredom and make you go crazy! But learning to keep yourself occupied will help you deal with this.

The Best Way to Keep Busy – Learning! 

 Your school or university might have cancelled classes or even moved to online distance learning in order to maintain some regularity or even some form of liveliness. To some students, online courses and learning isn’t so new to them, but for a majority of them, online courses and distance learning are something that probably never crossed their mind. 


In places like the USA, China, Italy, and the UK, switching to online learning has taken some time to get adjusted to, but educators are prepared for this massive task and can still provide the education the world needs. 

Some workout sessions have also moved online – yoga, Pilates, and other aerobics are conducted via Skype or video calls to promote togetherness and good health and exercise. There’s no excuse not to go to the gym now!

There are also a growing number of online resources becoming increasingly available, some even free. Lectures and podcasts and tutorial videos are being recorded and posted for the world to continue to learn. People are sharing and communicating with each other through apps and messaging and even games. 

As the world tries to figure itself out, everyone is trying to stay focused and do something productive with the newly found time they have on their hands. 

Online Courses and Distance Learning

Some schools have put some lessons online for free as more and more students switch to online learning. Educators around the world are trying their best to deliver high-quality education to the homes of students during this quarantine period and converting their lessons and courses to online platforms– so check to see if your school or university are offering such services. 

Harvard University has provided over a hundred online courses for free. They continue to be a cornerstone of education and believe that people should have access to these courses in order to progress and improve. Other resources like Quizlet and Kahoot have offered extended free trials for premium accounts to gain access to many features as well. Education companies are really trying to adapt to the situation and allow anyone and everyone an opportunity to learn. 

Zoom and Skype calls are the most popular platforms to conduct these lessons in real time. Teachers and professors are working together to create and collaborate on lessons and techniques to use these play forms effectively — so make sure that you understand how to use them and navigate their interface. There are plenty of articles and tutorials on how to get the most from these platforms. 

Teachers are resourceful and can use a variety of websites to give to their students, they even give instructions on how to use them as well. They don’t want students to fall behind so they find ways to make education available and even themselves for parents at home trying to homeschool. It’s not easy being a teacher at this time, so appreciate the time and effort yours put in.

YouTube video

Some teachers are getting really creative, using the new VR game Half-Life: Alyx to teach math. 

Online Homework and Projects

Homework may still be assigned but moved to online submissions in order to keep up with curriculums and. So as the quarantine happens, the work never ends and students should still apply themselves to the task at hand. But if you’re having trouble with this distance learning or are falling behind with everything happening in the world, Assignment Expert can still be used as a resource to finish assignments and find a tutor to help you. 

We provide the best experts in all subjects and all levels – if you need it we’ve got it. We understand that learning is affected by this situation, so we’re trying our best to help you out. Whether they’re online projects or personal tutoring, we’re here to help you 

YouTube video

At our youtube channel, we try to deliver content in creative ways and using technology as our friend!

Downloadable Resources for Learning

There are lots of resources available for anyone to use online – but now more than ever, content is being created despite the quarantine. People around the world are finding the time to share information and skills with others in order to keep busy, on your own time rather than signing up for online courses.

Lectures and Podcasts are great for auditory learners – or people who want to multitask learning and doing some house chores. New recordings are usually updated regularly and have a variety of different topics and some are even interactive and have an open forum for discussion.

PowerPoint presentations and PDFs on several different topics are also available for download. Building up a library of these documents can definitely be used to spend your time learning. 

So whether your classes are cancelled for a few more months – or you’ve switched to distance learning, one thing still remains. Learning never stops, and neither should you! Take this opportunity to turn a couch potato into a productive member of society. 

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