Student Exchange – How to Get to Europe or the USA?

Today higher education is an indicator of the potential of human culture level. Therefore, entering the college and productive qualitative study are the important stages in the development of professionalism. Of course, the current research base can provide students with all the necessary knowledge that will enable them to find in the future, a good paying job.


An interesting project that links the best universities of the world is a student exchange. It allows not only gaining experience in another country, discovering its culture, learning a new language, but also to established yourself as a qualified professional. If a student cannot decide to make such an important step and go to study abroad, than the semester abroad at the University by Student Exchange program is the best choice. It is the opportunity to arrive for some time and try everything independently.

If you establish yourself in a proper position, you can adapt to the highly developed country, and, if desired, stay in it. Now these projects are developed in countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and the USA.

The most widespread system of exchange is the Erasmus program, which purpose is to promote the mobility of students and teachers in Europe.


The program brings together 27 member states of the European Union, the three EEA states – Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, and the three associated states – Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey.

As a student participating in the Erasmus exchange program, you can spend abroad from three months to a full academic year. To participate in the Erasmus program, you must meet the following conditions:

–  Be a student, who studies one of the official programs in higher education, leading to the receiving of academic degree or diploma (including the level of training of scientists), in one of the participating countries;

–  Be a citizen of one of the participating countries (or have a formally recognized refugee, stateless person or a person with a permanent resident card);

–  Complete at least the first year of study at your institution of higher education.

Each host university has a certain number of places and scholarships. They are distributed on the results of the selection process, conducted by the Universities of students-candidates in their countries.

The European Union finances two major education programs – SOCRATES and LEONARDO, which provide European students with education and work in another European country. Limited opportunities also exist for students from countries other, than the European Union.


Students from South-Eastern Europe and the Newly Independent Republics have the opportunity to use the program TEMPUS (The Trans-European Mobility Program for University Students). The TEMPUS program includes the following countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The purpose of TEMPUS is the development and renewal of higher education in South-Eastern Europe and Central Asia, through the provision of economic assistance to the countries mentioned above. The program includes various activities such as the exchange of teachers and curriculum development, the improvement of libraries and laboratories. Each country has an official TEMPUS-office, which is usually located in the state capital, and the central office is located in the TEMPUS European Training Foundation.

For scientific conferences and to establish relations with foreign partners corporate seminars are hold. Such events allow discussing the details of student exchange, internships and temporary work contracts. The basic requirement of foreign educational institutions is knowledge of the language, and then you can get free education and pass post-graduate abroad. However, a small amount for insurance purposes and the initial resettlement in another country are required. But it is quite feasible amount that can be found.

Most of these programs are developed among such specialties as engineers, theoretical physicists, computer scientists and translators. The latter usually leave to work in hot countries for the summer as animators and guides. This is a fairly high-paying job, the more that the accommodation in a luxury hotel, food, sea and comfort are provided. But this work is temporary, so often students, who want to combine business with pleasure – relax, while earning a lot, go there. But engineers are required on a permanent or contract basis, therefore, are more perspective. Having a desire you can become not only a highly skilled worker, but also gain experience in foreign countries.

Thus, the advantages of Student Exchange are the following:

  • Valuable experience, new methods of teaching, etc.
  • Ability to see the new country.
  • Improvement of foreign language.
  • The ability to get acquainted with good people.
  • This will simplify the procedure of applying for a job at home.
  • A chance to stay there to live and work will appear.
  • Obtaining a diploma that will be recognized internationally.
  • The opportunity to earn (in some programs)
  • Ability to obtain a scholarship

Use the opportunities offered by the University, as being a student will not last forever, everything has an end, so it’s better to regret about what was done, than about what wasn’t!

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