Rap Style Math

Rap Style Math

How often do you face the problem of memorizing different math formulas, rules, and equations? Consider this boring? We have another option that will make you more interested in the subject. How about rap? It is easy to listen to and to keep in mind lyrics, moreover, lots of us are simply fond of it. Why do we speak about this? Here we’ll show you, how to combine rap and math!

Recently, Rhyme ‘n Learn came up with a fancy idea. They started composing mathematical texts to their songs, rapping. The idea is to help people bear in memory long mathematic formulas and other useful but difficult information.

All this science of math rapping comes from mnemonics, which is a complex of ways and methods aimed at memory improvement. The whole “memory space” can be increased by means of associations created by replacing abstract objects with more comprehensible ideas and terms. They come from visual, aural, and kinesthetic representation of certain concepts. Thus, we connect different objects with the already existing things in our memory. This is how we memorize, for example, Richard of York gains battles in vain associating letters with colors.

In case of rap style math, the rhyme and rhythm are used as a mnemonics method. It is believed that learning theory in such disciplines as math and physics by heart guarantees understanding of a subject, because the method of cramming presupposes a birth of bright images in your mind.

Here’s, by the way, one more way how to learn from already existing songs.


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