Private Institutions: Arguments For and Against

Many modern prospective students follow popular opinion that to give preference in admission is necessary only to state higher education institutions. Of course, the state universities offer many advantages over private, but there are exceptions that make education in the private universities much more profitable and promising.


Private higher education institutions offer a very high quality education, best practices, and training programs, current approaches to the development of various specialties. Considerable advantage of private universities is the fact of available qualified staff. After all, the most enterprising, ambitious and promising teachers, who in public universities don’t have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge and approaches to teaching because of the established order and a dozen ossified professors, go there. Today, the education in the best universities of the world has become more affordable, and returning to their home country after Oxford and Cambridge, young teachers choose private schools because they offer higher wages.

The days when teachers were willing to work for “idea” are gone – today, not only wealth, but spiritual values are directly dependent on the financial situation. Tickets to theaters and cinemas, exhibitions and openings, holiday programs, including travel abroad cost money, so any teacher chooses the place of work, where he is also well paid.

The great advantage of private schools is well-equipped classes, which gives an opportunity to improve the quality of teaching and learning while using advanced technical tools and innovations. But making the choice of the private university, there are some dangers. First of all is the danger of termination of the private institution. There are cases when, for whatever reasons, the state deprives university license, in this case students are provided their own – the money spent on training will not be returned, and the documents on education do not have any confirmation.

To avoid this, it is necessary in choosing the university carefully study its history, read the documents (license, charter), to inquire on who is the director and owner of the university, who owns the right to decide its fate, etc. It is advisable to choose the most prestigious private universities with a good reputation, positive attitude to it and a large number of students.

At the stage of submission of documents to the university it is desirable to talk with students who are already studying there. Promotional brochures and representatives of the university administration provide not all the information for applicants, but only that which represents institution in a favorable light. But about the negative aspects and problems of the university students, who are studying here for years, will be able to tell.

One of the important items that you should pay attention to is the practical training and employment in the field. In prestigious private institutions a customer service job is available, providing undergraduate and graduate students with jobs to choose from, and in high-status companies. If a private school does not concern the subsequent fate of its graduates, as well as rating of their diploma in the labor market – it is an alarming symptom. It is quite possible that the quality of education in this university is very low.

Private institution requires high expenses, but if it is prestigious, it is worth that money. Weigh all advantages and disadvantages and make a decision that will have a prospective impact on your future career!

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