Preparing for Exams During COVID-19 Quarantine

coronavirus exams

This long-lasting quarantine period has undoubtedly shaken up the world. From the economy to health care, and even to schools and education, the quarantine has changed the way we look at things and how we conduct ourselves during this time. The shelter-in-place has also changed the way we think about our future, both near and far, and it’s becoming an increasing concern for students who are on the cusp of graduation or completing a degree.

So how can we deal with such pressure and try to gain a sense of normality at this time of a pandemic? It takes collaboration and effort from both sides to continue moving forward. 

Learning Never Stops

The ideas of schools closing and classes being canceled for students may seem like a dream come true. But nonetheless, the work will still need to be done eventually. The process of education never stops, and educators around the globe understand that. 

Teachers have changed the due dates and deadlines for homework assignments and projects and essays. This allows for more flexibility for the students who may or may not have trouble accessing the internet. Learning how to study online is also quite difficult to do in such a short time, so they’ve allowed a grace period for adjusting to the online system. 

Teachers and Institutions have also adjusted the way they do assessments. Online tests and exams have been introduced, and it seems to have positive feedback from students. They are allowed some more time and even some resources to use on the exam. 

Students are also adapting and changing

Knowing these changes, students also have adjusted quite a lot to studying online. Their study habits changed, and the way they prepare has also changed. Since some exams have changed to an online-based system, students now have to practice and study in a way that is efficient for them as everything will be digitally submitted. 

The AP (advanced placement) Exams, which are usually taken in the spring by high school students for a chance at college credits, have changed their exams to adjust for this global pandemic. They have shortened the exam to 45 minutes by removing the materials they haven’t learned at this point during the academic school year. This means students have to be more efficient with their time so they are able to provide full and correct answers. 

What does this mean for students? 

Students still have to study, but now they have to study for online exams and quizzes in a way they haven’t done before. Technology has driven us to this point where we can have the ability to attend our classes, while we are making breakfast. But it also can be a deterrent, leaning on technology as a crutch to help you all the time. Student’s preparing for the ACT, SAT, or AP exam must still continue to prepare as they normally have, but with added distractions.

How to prepare for exams during the quarantine

There are several skills that carry over from traditional, in-class learning that still apply to online and distance learning. But of course there are also new possibilities and resources for you to use as well.

•  Eat well, and Get Enough Rest

This will never change. Your health, both mental and physical, is important to your performance not only on exams, but in other areas of life as well. Staying at home all the time may tempt you to eat more unhealthily, but keep on track and moderate your junk food/healthy food ratio. Sleeping at normal times will be a bit easier, since you don’t have to travel to and from school every day, you’ll have an opportunity to gain a regular sleep schedule. Don’t go pulling all nighters since you don’t have to anymore. 

•  Manage your time better

Having all the time in the world to do whatever you want at home may seem exciting. But don’t lose sight of everything else, and come back to reality. You still have responsibilities and things to learn, so don’t begin to slack off. Limit the amount of time you’re binging on Netflix or playing Fortnite with your friends. Save some time for other important things as well, like studying and lessons. 

•  Don’t skip your lessons!

Be grateful to your institute and teachers for the work they have done to provide you an education. It’s not easy to adapt an entire class to online courses and still have it be interesting. Bear with your teachers and attend your lessons and try to do your best to stay engaged and active. Remember that you are still a student! You’ll still have to put in the work one way or another.

•  Find your motivation 

Being at home 24/7 may trap you into the idea of being too relaxed and comfortable that you become lazy. Don’t fall for this, you don’t want to waste a few months of your life doing nothing. Instead, look for motivations from other people. Maybe your classmates are working extra hard, or you see your teacher struggling to keep a classroom together and you share some empathy. Maybe your favorite influencer is posting a thread on Twitter on how to be more productive at this time. 

•  Use Your Resources

Lots of colleges and universities have provided a lot of online resources for students to use during this time. This is especially good since these materials are free to use. Other educational websites are also offering their premium services for free. Be creative in how you are learning, and take advantage of these resources you have at your fingertips. 

•  Be Patient!

Adapting to change is a process, and everyone is going through it. So if something isn’t going your way, or something is increasingly becoming difficult, don’t worry. Take a step back and be patient with the process. Things will be frustrating, but it will only become more frustrating if you don’t give it time to breathe. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Ask for Help

Even during the quarantine, people will need help more than ever. And that’s okay. If you need help studying or preparing for your exams, your teachers and instructors will be able to help you. Maybe your classmates will also set up a group chat to discuss the homework or exam topics and you’ll be able to study together. 

There are still plenty of resources that haven’t stopped working around the clock either. Assignment Expert is here for all your homework assignment needs, as well as studying for your major exams. 

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