Is it Possible to Make a Love Potion?

Is it Possible to Make a Love Potion ?

According to the latest studies by scientists at Syracuse University, love at first sight is absolutely possible. In addition, 1.5 second is enough for molecular entity to get to the brain and fuel euphoria in it. At the same time, 12 different parts of your brain get activated, what causes high blood pressure and chemical rush. Besides, same happens when one takes drugs. So, do these feelings appear to be nothing else but only a chemical reaction? Then can we evoke love in somebody else artificially? Let’s take it closer.

What is love or Where is love?

Anthropologists from the University of New Jersey have scanned the brain after chemicals reached it to learn which exactly parts are responsible for falling in love. The research discovered that these emotions spark somewhere deep in our brain, and exactly in the limbic system (see the pic.). All together they create the mood, regulate the level of pleasure and form three ‘love’ emotions, which are desire, passion, and affection.

Thus, each emotion is linked to a chain of chemical reactions that activate the brain when its owner sees ‘someone special’. At all emotional stages organism exports dopamine (brings feeling of joy and contentment),  phenylethylamine (increases excitement), serotonin (makes you feel emotionally balanced), and noradrenaline (pushes you towards achieving goals). So, there’s real chemical equation for love. You’ve probably thought it looks like

$Nice$ $face$ + $smart$  $thoughts$ + $funny$  $jokes$ + $some$  $beautiful$  $parts$  $of$ $the$  $body$ = $LOVE$

Sorry to disappoint you, but everything’s rather boring comparatively:


In this way, hormones give the so called ‘material’ ground to your love. They affect your vision of a person behavior: you tend to idealize, ignore negative sides, be extremely hysteric, or surprisingly calm.

The love formula

Love Potion Is Possible, but…

Thus, if love can be described scientifically, can we find its equation or can we make a love pill by ourselves? Doctors agree that love can actually be provoked artificially. Pharmacological laboratories test different substances which influence hormone behavior sending the same nerve impulses, which are responsible for the feeling control. Thus, scholars have come to the conclusion that it is not that difficult to produce a mixture that can help somebody fall in love.

Technically they are right. However, psychologists convince us that this substance if ever made will only be able to bring us emotional contentment and the feeling of love, but it won’t be connected with any particular person. What’s the point of having the bright feeling with no object to address? Any mixture becomes a certain drug, in this case.

As it usually happens, any chemical reaction comes to an end. So does love? Some say that love lasts 1-3 years during a ‘flower-sweets-kissing’ period, but recently scientists have proved that there’s no such thing. They scanned brains of 20-years-together couples and found out that brains of some of them still had stormy positive reaction to the photo of their spouse (same as people usually have when they fall in love at first sight). So love and be loved! And discover new chemical equations to manufacture mixtures that will make your love longer and stronger.

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