How to Improve Literacy in the Speech?

The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read

Mark Twain

A cultured person is always easy to separate from the crowd, because his features are decent behavior, well-groomed appearance, and competent speech. As for the latter, it is important to say that more and more people in conversations build sentences in wrong way, mangle words, and use obscene language. Moreover, dealing with such people, people with the correct speech over time lose their skills. To prevent this, the tireless work on yourself must be performed.

Often refer to a dictionary

The most faithful helpers at the table must be a dictionary. Use a dictionary to learn the meaning and origin of new words that you encounter. Also use it to check the exact meaning and spelling of words, in which you are not sure. The dictionary can be used whenever you need an alternative to this or that way, to avoid tautology.

Your computer probably has a dictionary, make sure you use it.1

Read more

In today’s world we are so busy with work and get a lot of information through television, radio, telephone and the Internet, that the book gets very little time and attention. Reading works of good authors helps develop literacy speech. Modern and classic novels, nonfiction and articles in newspapers and magazines are all important sources to enrich your vocabulary. How often do you read poetry? Read modern poetry and reread the classics, try to assess the poetic skills.

2As you read, you will not only get information from the story, you will learn how to properly build phrases, learn new words. Thanks to the visual memory your spelling is improved. It is vital to be able to enjoy the author’s methods, to analyze his/her metaphors, to emphasize key points and may be to write in order to use the favorite style.

Search and use new words

Ran into a new word, refer to the dictionary to find out its meaning and origin. You will be easier to remember new words, if you try to use them as often as possible. But do not abuse it. Using many long and obscure words in everyday speech you can seem pompous or pretentious. The main benefit of a rich vocabulary is that you can always speak clearly, picking up the exact meaning of the word. In general, when talking and writing it is better to use short, clear sentences. But do not hesitate to use an unusual word, if it clearly conveys desired meaning.

Write and edit

Every time you write something, whether sms, e-mail or a novel, you have the opportunity to practice your speech. Re-read what you wrote and ask yourself a few questions:

  • As far as what you have written exactly expresses what you mean?4
  • Will it be clear to your readers?
  • Can you articulate the idea more succinctly and clearly?

You must be able to screen out unnecessary words that prevent focus on the essentials.

Participate in developing games

Learning the language in the childhood, we solve playful puzzles, play, pass tests, and make experiments and mistakes. Try to improve literacy speech through various games. Anagrams, crossword puzzles, codes, charades, riddles, and other such mysteries excellently develop your intellectual abilities. Here is a simple and fun game. One person reads the dictionary definition, but others must identify the word.

  Listen to yourself extrinsically

If possible, create a video, with a record of your speech. This is especially useful if you soon have an important conversation or presentation. Most people find, while listening themselves extrinsically that they make a lot of speech errors every day. This may be an incorrect sentence structure or word-parasites.

Continuously develop literacy speech and you will be rewarded!

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