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Over the whole school, college and university life of an average student, there has never been and will hardly be a day without at least a little mental stress. The end-of-summer-vacation discomfort is a tough challenge for many these days. A lot of stressors, however, can be prevented or minimized in different ways before the beginning of a new academic year to start it with ease. And most of them are surprisingly simple even when there’s only a week before school.

Change your habits

We put it into the first place for this is the most complex point that can not only help you get relaxed but also bring you the inner balance and tranquility and change your routine.

  • It may be not that noticeable, but the food is your habit number one and going on a slightly different, healthier diet will not make you wait for the result. And the main trick is not even food that can make you happier, but the very cooking process, which can distract you from many stress triggers at once. First, eat smaller portions but more often so that your energy levels could be regularly boosted all day round. Mind always taking with you healthy snacks like fruit and nuts while the main course should include meat, fish, dairy or eggs and other high-protein foods. We will not list all recipes for your summer diet according to your physical peculiarities as we are not a cooking course website, however, here, for example, you can find many. Enjoy!
  • Apart from the food, water is also crucial for your organism to normalize digestion and absorption, control calories, prevent dehydration, improve skin and finally, make you feel better. As you start drinking more water in summer, when it is hot, and you’re always thirsty, it will gradually become easier for you to get used to frequent water consumption daily. There are many useful applications to help you drink enough H20.
  • Another problem spot is your sleep. In a couple of weeks, you will probably be forced to wake with the cock’s crow, so it’s about time you introduced some changes into your sleeping schedule. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), adults must have 7 or more hours of sleep per night, while teenagers (under 18) require from 8 to 10 hours for excellent brain work. But that’s not about you, huh? Alright, try going to bed earlier from today, say, at 11 p.m. Let’s see what happens.

Take up new activities

Keep a balanced life by introducing active entertainments and relaxing practices. Pick yoga and meditation at home for daily exercising of your mind and body. This is a perfect method to program yourself for a good beginning of a new academic year and at the same time get away from thoughts about it. If it seems too passive for you, any other kind of sports, especially, a team one, will distract you on the same level.

Practice handwriting and calligraphy. A specialized local course or some self-teaching materials can help you to gain a new skill, settle a peace of mind and revise writing techniques which were partially forgotten over summer, huh?

Get involved in art and don’t even try to say you are not an artistic person. There are so many ways to open your artistic potential nowadays that you just don’t have the right to say that. Check out the nearest galleries with active exhibitions in your town, try out a music concert (modern? classical? both!), cinema or theatre will definitely also do. Are you an engineer? Alright, do an installation out of your tools!

Next, have you ever heard of a Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)? This is a perfect technique to significantly reduce stress and anxiety before your school or college starts and over the whole academic year as well. All you need to do is concentrate on your breath and the work of your body. Try some PMR training offered throughout the internet and test them just 15 minutes daily, for example, before going to sleep.

Share your pain with peers

Hanging out with friends is always a relaxation, especially when they are your peers and have the same interests (and problems). Choose those who you may pour your heart out to and spend a night or two discussing your troubles and worries. Change roles and be psychologists to each other. Don’t be uncomfortable about being frowned upon for your excessive emotions; it’s all natural. Be sincere.

Interact with nature

Being with nature happens to beat exam stress as we wrote previously and of course, it helps to manage any other stress and anxiety ever. And these are the main points you have to grasp:

  • nature separates you from your gadgets;
  • blood pressure is improved by walking on a fresh air;
  • view of nature is proved to help relax and get a feeling of comfort and safety;
  • when on a walk with a friend, you are more connected and pay attention to each other;
  • oxygen and vitamin D give you the energy boost, elevate mood, and reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Get rid of incomplete homework

One more thing that you should give up thinking about is the burden of uncompleted summer homework. Being nervous about academic assignment has helped nobody. Now, you should either start doing them with all your might (and here are some hints on how to cope with it) or forget about it and have fun while your homework is being accomplished by professionals. How? Just watch! Assignment Expert is a service that helps thousands of students around the world with their homework. Two weeks before summer ends, everything connected with summer assignments and summer reading is especially popular among our experts, who are ready to get loaded with the tasks in all disciplines 24/7. Submit your task instructions, set the deadline and wait for it to be evaluated. As soon as the expert finishes your homework, it goes to the quality control department for a plagiarism, language, calculation and content check. As a result, you receive a double checked homework timely and save your time and nerves. If you are still wasting your time by hesitating, think about how cool you will feel at the beginning of a new semester with all your homework done and explained.

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