Assignment Expert VS Nerdy Student: Whose Homework Help Is Better?

Nerd vs AssignmentExpert

Another academic year has just started, but you’re already lagging behind, feel disorganized and unable to cope with time management? Say no more. We may guess that the reason for all your stresses and worries is too much homework in too many subjects. And no matter what your excuses are, every teacher wants you to take their assignments most seriously and do them here and now. Luckily, there are usually a couple of options at hand to pick in such trouble, but which of them is best?

Let’s make it clear: what you really need is to have your homework done. So let’s take a look at the most popular ways of getting it, namely to address either your nerdy groupmate or use the assistance of homework help service. We’ll show you the pros and cons of both, taking Assignment Expert as an example.

How Useful Is Nerd Homework Help

With no exaggeration, almost every student has cheated by copying homework from groupmate’s notes at least once, while some of the students may even become copy addicts. Wonder why it happens and what the advantages of this method are? First, it’s always easy to tell a geek student from the others in your group or course, so there’s no need to seek them for a long time. And you are lucky if this buddy is friendly and talkative, you may simply get on well with him or her and ask for help or offer a favor for favor deal (if you, of course, have something to offer). You can get closer to the person to know them better just to check if they are trustworthy. Be polite and tolerant; don’t be bully to a new person, this won’t lead to good consequences and remember that anybody may bully you back.

Close contact and quick availability are obviously some of the perks of hanging out with a brainiac. However, will he or she waste their time to provide you with explanations of why this or that equation is solved this or that way? Alright, probably once or twice, but what next? You are at risk of becoming dependent on that person, and imagine if in such a case, your geek friend does not keep secrecy and start blackmailing you for this illegal favor. Sounds not that safe, huh?

Another good thing is that a nerdy student from your course will have exactly the same homework as you and will have to do it by the same deadline. On the other hand, there’s no guarantee that he or she will finish the tasks much earlier to provide you with the solutions timely. Moreover, you can’t predict what grade it will bring and if the version you’ve received is even correct.

Most importantly you’d better get prepared to what you are actually gonna face if your homework (the one done by a nerdy student) appears to get a low grade; come to terms with the fact that any kind of compensation, as well as any way to fix the situation, are absent.

Why Choose Assignment Expert Homework Help

The most common positive side of getting your homework done by the nerd and Assignment Expert is the easy and quick accessibility. However, unlike nerds who, like all students, sleep at night, experts from our homework help service are ready to help you out 24/7. Quick online support can also consult you or help to use the service just within a moment. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about the deadline even if it is at 3 am.

One more thing that can comfort you about Assignment Expert service is professionalism and reliability of the members of our team. Every expert is a degree-holding specialist, who, what is more, passed the qualification test to become a part of our academic help service. By implementing the rating system, we managed to make a competitive environment so that every expert would wish to perform each task excellently in order to get the highest rating. It’s also relevant to add that every year students from all over the world turn to us for help with similar or repeating tasks, so be sure, the expert who does your quality homework for you has a broad experience in this particular field and will provide you with the most detailed comments and explanations for every issue at your first request.

When you’re new to our service, it’s natural that you put everything to question, like, what if you guys are lying and just want to steal my money? Well, in the terms of service, we officially guarantee you to return the money if the result appears unsatisfactory or the paper gets not a good grade anyway, but better look at the statistics that speaks for itself with 98% of successfully completed tasks for the past 10 years.

What is the last reason why your choice should be made towards a homework help service? It is a chance to remain complete anonymity without being afraid that your information can be compromised. Not only can you stay under the unreal name here, but any your information will be kept under secrecy, and even the expert will never reach it. Moreover, as soon as you stop cooperate with us, your information will be removed from the database.

All in all, here’s a brief table as a summary of our small research if you don’t want to read the whole article but are eager to know the results.

Assignment Expert Help Nerdy Student Help
Can you trust them? + +
Are they easy to reach? + +
Are they degree holding specialists with rich experience of writing academic papers in all your disciplines? +
Is the quality always guaranteed? +
Will the explanations and fixes be provided? +
Do they have a personal approach to address your issue? +
Can they cope with all your homework by the deadline? +
Is this confidential enough? +
Any guarantee for not blackmailing you? +
Is there any compensation in case of failure? +
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