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Which element is more metallic among Be and Ca Give one reason

You found an unknown substance at home. You want to know whether the substance is an ionic compound or a covalent compound. Using your knowledge of the properties of ionic and covalent compounds, you will test whether the unknown substance dissolves in water and organic solvent or not.

1. Problem Statement

What is the change in pH if 1.50mL of 1.00M HCl is added to the buffer solution? Is the buffer effective

how many protons are in calcium

Calculate the wavelength in meters of electromagnetic radiation that has a frequency of 980.0 kHz. (c = 3.00 X 10⁸ m/s)

Calculate the frequency in hertz of electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength of 720.0 nm. (c = 3.00 X 10⁸ m/s)

A lightweight head on a golf club is made of titanium. The volume of a sample of titanium is 116 cm3 and the mass is 523.1 g. What is the density?

what is the percent composition of oxygen in glucose, C6H12O6

  1. Methane (CH4) is a highly flammable gas that can combust according to the equation below: 

CH4 (g) + 2 O2 (g) → 2 H2O (g) + CO2 (g)

a.)Given the standard heats of formation (ΔHof) in the table below, calculate the ΔH of the combustion reaction.

Compound ∆Hf°(kJ/mol)

CO2 -393.5

H2O(g) -241.8

H2O (l) -285.8

CH4 -74.87

b.)Use the ΔHcombustion from part (a) and the bond enthalpies in the table below to determine the bond enthalpy per mole of O2

Bond type Average Bond Enthalpy (kJ/mol)

C - H 414

C - O 360

C = O 799

O - H 464

O = O ?

c.)Draw a reaction profile for the combustion of methane. Use a vertical arrow (↕️) to indicate ΔHcombustion that you calculated in (a)

A 3.5g sample of pure metal requires 25.0 J of energy to change the temperature from 33 C to 42 C. What is the specific heat?

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