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Which compound in this chemical equation indicates that the reaction is a precipitation reaction?

2NaOH(aq) + MgCl2(aq) → 2NaCl(aq) + Mg(OH)2(s)

The value of Kc is 4.24 at 800 Kelvin temperature for the reaction --> CO(g) + H20(g) -----> CO2(g) + H2(g) . If initial concentration is 0.10 M . Find the concentration of each components.
Find out the effective half life for A in the following radioactive change:
A--B(t1/2=6 hours)
Calculate the solublity of Al2(SO4)3 if solublity constant product is 6.2*10^-5
An organic molecule in hexane exhibits λmax = 305 nm and in ethanol λmax = 307 nm. What type of transition is responsible for this absorbance band and why did you choose it?
Why depression in freezing point is more than elevation in boiling point, when a non volatile solute is added to a pure solvent?
Calculate Degree of dissociation of 0.1M CH3COOH in presence of 2M HCl
What is the difference between heat of solution and integral heat of solution?
Is activation energy is temperature independent?
Which of the following statement about enthalpy is incorrect
A. Enthalpy and internal energy of a system are always identical
B. Enthalpy is a state of function
C. $\Delta H$ is the enthalpy change at constant pressure
D. $\Delta H$ is the enthalpy change at constant pressure
Reactions which absorb heat have a positive DH
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