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The process in which the solid directly evaporates without it melting is known as
One of these is correct about common-ion effect
a. promotes condensation
b. promotes evaporation
c. increase solubility
d. reduce ionization
Consider neon as ideal gas with a Maxwell distribution of speeds.
(a) For Ne at T = 300 K, obtain median speed vmed such that fractions of molecules with speeds above and under this value are equal. One way to do it is by trial-and-error calculations by adjusting vmed value (to accuracy of 1 m/s - your report must show this *).
(b) Compare (not just list, but say which is larger/smaller) vmed with vmp, ⟨v⟩, ⟨v2⟩1/2 for the same T.
(c) repeat part (a) for T = 600 K, and then for Ar at 300 K, and conclude how vmed changes relative to that in part (a) in each case.
(d) based on results above, conclude how exactly vmed depends on T and M, e.g. whether vmed is proportionate to T (or T1/2, or 1/T, or 1/T1/2), and similar for the dependence on M.

* for instance: at vmed, fraction (v>vmed) is larger than fraction(v<vmed),
and at vmed+1 m/s, fraction (v>vmed) is smaller than fraction(v<vmed)

Tractor exhaust has the following composition by volume at 38oC:
N2 = 73%, H2O = 13%, CO2 = 12%, O2 = 2%
find: apparent mol. weight, composition by weight, R for gas, volume of 1 kg mix.
N2 = 73%, H2O = 13%, CO2 = 12%, O2 = 2%.
find: apparent molecular weight, composition by weight, value of R for gas, volume of 1 kg mixture at 101 kPa.
Derive an expression for calculating energy values corresponding n = 3 for a particle in one dimensional box
2 C8H18 + 25 O2 ———> 16 CO2 + 18 H2O

If 114 g of C8H18 used in the above reaction, how many grams of O2 would be needed for complete reaction?

What type of bond is KCN
Is it a single bond
Is it a double bond
Is it a triple bond
At 298 K, the equilibrium concentration of O2 is 1.6 x 10-2 M, and the equilibrium concentration of O3 is 2.86 x 10-28 M. What is the equilibrium constant of the reaction at this temperature?
In d treatment of aids, how is d genetic material of hiv subdued
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