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Given that the spacing of the lines in the microwave spectrum of 27Al1H is
constant at 12.60 cm1. Calculate the moment of inertia and bond length of
the molecule.
What is zero point energy? Calculate the number of normal modes of
vibration for the following compounds:
(i) PF3 (ii) ClNO (iii) XeF2
Why does vibrational fundamental frequency decreases with the increase in
masses of bonding atoms? Explain with suitable examples.
On the basis of dipole study, predict whether HF compound is purely ionic
or polar covalent. The bond length of HF is 92 pm and dipole moment is
1.92 D.
Predict the coordination number of Ca2+ in CaO crystal and also its crystal
Classify the following orbitals as gerade
or ungerade:
(i) 1s (ii) 2px (iii) 3dxy
Explain various types of van der Waals forces giving the types of molecules in which
they are present.
300 kg of 20.0 weight % sulpuric acid is mixed with 400 kg of 40.0% sulphuric acid to produce a product. complete the mass balance.what is the weight @of sulphuric acid in a product?
A reaction 3A--->P has a fourth order rate law with K =3.4x10-4 dm9mol-3s-1.after some time the initial concentration of aA, 0.077mol.dm-3 was reduced. Write the rate law expression and derive an equation for the time required for the concentration of A to change to P
Predict the coordination number of Ca2+ in CaO crystal and also its crystal
structure. [Hint: use data for ionic radii values
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