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A 48.0mL gas exerts a pressure of 760 mm Hg. What is the volume of the gas if the pressure is increased to 820 mmHg at the same temperature?

the reaction between solod white phosphorus and ocygen produces solid tetraphosphorusdecoxide (P4O10)

You wish to grow a thin film of anthracene using thermal evaporation. If your thermal evaporation chamber can reach pressures as low as 10.0 mPa, to what temperature do you need to heat anthracene to cause it to sublime?

What is the balanced chemical equation of the reaction between solid white phoshorus and oxygen produces solid tetraphosphorusdecoxide?

At T= 100 K, 1.00 mol of CO2 occupies a volume of 1.00 L. Calculate the pressures given by the ideal gas equation and the van der Waals equation. (a= 3.610 atm dm6 mol-2) and (b = 4.29 dm3 mol-1).

1.    How many liters of 4.3 M Li2O solution are required to make 5L of 2.1 M Li2O?

Which of the following statements are INCORRECT?

(1) A carbon-hydrogen bond in methane, CH3, is nonpolar

(2) Electronegativity is the property of the atoms forming a given bond which

determines the polarity of the bond.

(3) Covalent bonds can only be polar.

(4) The electronegativity of elements on the periodic table increases going to the right

in each row.

A flexible container at an initial volume of 5.120 L contains 8.500 mol of helium. More

helium is then added to the container until it reaches a final volume of 18.10 L. Assuming

the pressure and temperature of the gas remain constant, calculate the number of moles of

helium added to the container. Calculate the mass of helium added.

  1. What is the percentage composition of water in magnesium sulphate heptahydrate?.
  2. Draw the Lewis Dot Structures of the following molecules and state the total number of their valence electrons.

a. xenon tetrafluoride (XeF4)

b. sulphur pentachloride (SF5)

c. phosphurus hexafluoride

According to the IR absoprtion spectrum of carbon monoxide, CO, the vibrational frequency is 2170 cm-1. If we consider that the CO molecule behaves as a harmonic oscillator, predict the vibrational frequency if the molecule contains the isotope 13C instead of the more abundant 12C? 

v:13CO/ v:12CO = (μ:13CO:12CO)1/2

where v = vibrational frequency

μ = reduced mass.   

12C = 12.0 and m 13C = 13.0, m 16O = 16.0.

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