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Discuss the role play of molten salts as non-aqueous solvent
determine the number of atoms in 1.75 mol Al
A sample of copper was analysed and found to contain two isotopes 63-copper and 66-copper. All the ions were accelerated and travelled through a flight tube.
63Cu+ ions took 1.4242 x 10^-5s.
How long would 66Cu+ ions take to travel along the same flight tube?
What is the relationship between coupled reactions and non-
equilibrium thermodynamics ?
Is the function x^(k+1)y^(k+2) an eigenfunction of the operator x(d/dx) + y(d/dy) ? If it is, what is
the eigenvalues? What is the implication of this question in a quantum mechanical
Determine whether the following function are suitable as wavefunctions:
F(x) = 0 for x < 1;
= 1/x for x > 1;
= 0 for x > 1000.
A soap solution having surface tension of 49.05 dy/cm is applied to the metal frame bar of 5cm. Calculate the work required to pull the wire down by 2cm

What is the charge and mass of a proton

A 92.9 piece of a silvery grey metal is heated to 178 degree celsius, and then quickly transferred into 75.0 mL of water initially at 24.0 degree celsius After 5 minutes both the metal and the water have reached the same temperature of 29.7 degrees celsius

what is the specific heat of the metal and identify the metal
the second virial coefficeint for Ar gas at 600K is 11.9 cm^3 mol^-1. Calculate the following,
molar volume of Ar gas at 600K and at 1.2 atm pressure
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