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Candela is the si unit for
Find the pH value.
[H30+]= 2.6432 moldm-3
When 10cm3 of 10 molar potassium hydroxide at 35 degree celsius was added to 10cm3 of 10 molar hydrochloric acid solution at 35 degree celsius,the temperature of the mixture rose to 42 degree celsius.calculate the standard heat of neutralisation.given that the specific heat capacity of the solution is 4.2 joules per gramme per degree celsius
A 2500 m^3 confined gas is at a temperature of 35℃ and pressure of 75.33 cm Hg. If the pressure is increased to 76.3 cm Hg with a final temperature of 78℃, what is the final volume?
A container with volume 71.9 ml contains water vapor at a pressure of 10.4 atm and a temperature of 465oC. How many grams of the gas are in the container?

Calculate the mg of metallic ions that can remain at equilibrium in a Cu(OH)2 solution having an OH- concentration of 1x10 -4 mol/dm3 (Ksp=1.6x10 -9)
An alloy of copper, silver and gold is found to have copper constituting the ccp lattice. If silver atoms occupy the edge centres and gold is present at body centre, what is the formula of alloy?
40 ml of solvents 0.05 and HNO2 are diluted to 75 ml and then titrated with 0.08M Ce4 + ionic salts,during titration pH is maintained 1. Calculate the potential of the indicator electrode after adding 5 ml of Ce4+
In the reaction
starting with 2 moles of SO2and 1 mole of O2in 1 L flask, mixture required 0.4 moles of MnO4- in acidic medium. Find Kc.
The correct answer to this question 2. Can someone please explain me the solution to this question?
which reaction is likely to have a negative change in entropy