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2. You spill some sugar in a sandbox. You scoop it up as best you can, but now you have a mixture of sand and sugar. How could you separate the two?
For the half cell reaction
NO2 +2OH ----NO3 +H2O +2e-
E°cell is +0.425.if the overall potential is 0.6250.what is the pH of the solution at:(1) 25°C (2)47°C.if the concentrations of the nitrite ion and nitrate ions are 0.10 and 1.97×10^-10 mol/dm^3 respectively.
A student mixed 100.0 mL of 1.50 mol/L sulfuric acid with 200.0 mL of 1.50 mol/L sodium hydroxide. Both solutions were at 19.670C initially and the highest temperature reached by the reaction mixture was 34.060C. Calculate the molar enthalpy (deltaH) of neutralization for sulfuric acid.
A scientist is testing the effectiveness of Drug X on cancer. She gives a small amount of the drug to mice that have cancer. She gives each mouse a different amount from 1 to 10 grams, and then measures the size of the tumor in each mouse before the drugs and two weeks after the drugs. She gives one of the mice sugar instead of Drug X. What is her independent variable in this experiment?
A chemist needs 2.38 grams of a liquid compound with a density of 0.718 g/cm3. What volume of the compound is required?
0.12gm of magnesium is treated with an acid which gives 0.60gm of anhydrous magnesium salt then equivalent weight of an acid is
The thermal decomposition of acetaldehyde, CH3CHO → CH4 + CO, is a second-order reaction. The
following data were obtained at 518°C.
how many moles of potassium chlorate is to be heated to produce11.2 liter oxygen
Ag2O (s), delta Hf = -31.1kJ/mol, S=121.3J/mol , Ag (s), delta Hf =0kJ/mol, S=42.55J/mol k, O2(g) delta Hf = 0kJ/mol , S =205 j/mol K , Calculate the temperature a which delta G = 0 for the reaction Ag2O --> 2Ag + 1/2 O2 . assume that since the physical states do not change , delta H and delta S are independent of temperature between -50 C and 950C
Density of dry air containing only N2 and O2 is 1.15g/L at 740 mm of Hg and 300k. What is ℅ composition of N2 by weight in the air.
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