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A poil must be kept between 7.2 to 7.8. If a pool held 3.5 x 10^4L of water. Calculate a) the minimum acceptable hydrogen ion concentration b) the number of hydroxonium ions that must be present in the swimming pool when the pH is 7.8 c) the number of moles of HCl that would need to be added to the pool to change the pH from 7.8 to 7.2 d) the number of concentrated HCl ( 12mol L^-1) that would be need to be added to the pool to achieve this pH.
Write down the structures of stereoisomers of 2, 3–pentanediol. Identify the enantiomeric pairs.
Water at 60°F is pumped from a reservoir to the top of a mountain through in 6-in. Schedule 120 pipe at an average velocity of 12ft/s. The pipe discharges into the atmosphere at a level 3000ft above the level in the reservoir. The pipeline itself is 4500ft long. Of overall efficiency to the pump and the motor driving it is 70% and the cost of electric energy to the motor is 4 cents per kilowatt hour, what is the hourly energy cost for pumping this water? (In fluid mechanics)
A steel pipe 2ft in diameter carries water at about 15ft/s. If the pipe has a roughness of 0.0003ft, could the capacity be increased by inserting a smooth plastic liner that reduces the inside diameter to 1.9ft ? Calculate the change in pressure drop for the same flow and the change in capacity for fixed pressure drop. (In fluid mechanics)
Water flows through an 8-in steel pipe at an average velocity of 6ft/s. Downstream the pipe devides into 8inch main and 2-in-bypass. The equivalent length of the bypass is 22ft; the length of the 8in pipe in the bypassed section is 16ft. Neglecting entrance exit losses what fraction of the total water flow passes through the bypass? ( Fluid mechanics)
Show that the velocity profile is steady and laminar flow of Newtonian fluid in circular pipe is parabolic. Also prove that average velocity is half of maximum velocity of fluid. Determine kinetic energy correction factor and momentum co-reaction factor for laminar flow of a Newtonian fluid in pipeline.
Calculate the energy values of the electron in second and third orbits of hydrogen atom
Calculate the value of Kp for the equation C(s)+CO2(g)−⇀2CO(g) Kp=? given that at a certain temperature C(s)+2H2O(g)−⇀CO2(g)+2H2(g) Kp1=3.69 H2(g)+CO2(g)−⇀H2O(g)+CO(g) Kp2=0.671
At a given temperature, the elementary reaction A−⇀B, in the forward direction, is first order in A with a rate constant of 0.0410s−1. The reverse reaction is first order in B and the rate constant is 0.0880s−1. What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction A−⇀B at this temperature? What is the value of the equilibrium constant for the reaction B−⇀A at this temperature?
At equilibrium, the concentrations in this system were found to be [N2]=[O2]=0.300M and [NO]=0.500M. N2(g)+O2(g) −⇀ 2NO(g) If more NO is added, bringing its concentration to 0.800M, what will the final concentration of NO be after equilibrium is re‑established?
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