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Explain how the Mg-N bonds are formed in the magnesium-disodium edetate complex
How much energy is required to heat 20.0 grams of Tin and Calcium from 10 oC to 70 oC?

true or false
What is the mass of silver that can be prepared from 3.00 g of copper metal?
a 0.8870 g sample containing only NaCl and KCL was treated with AgNO3. the AgCl formed had a mass of 1.913 g. Calculate the %Na and %K in the sample.
how many moles of bicarbonate where consumed in a reaction with acetic acid if 0.298 moles of co2 where produced?
Why many normal elements become toxic after making their oxide? Like as .1 C-CO2,CO, 2. N2-NOx, 3. S2-SO2
Determine of pH of acid solutions like 0.1m hcl,0.5m hcl,0.025m hcl,0.0125m hcl by using quinhydrone and calomel electrode .compare the values of pH with theoretically calculated values.
An element X with electronic configuration of 2,8,2 ionizes to a configuration of 2,8 when it combines with another element Y of configuration 2,8,7 . What type of bonding is formed between the two elements ?
why electron affinity of nitrogen and phosphorus is very low ?