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Can an indicator and dye be considered to be the same ? What is the difference between them?
50cm3 of carbon (11) oxide was exploded with 150cm3 of air containing 20% oxygen by volume, which of the reactants was in excess?
Physical Characteristics of Gases
Aristotle viewed matter as being made up of _______, earth, ______, and ________. It wasn’t until Robert ___________ studied gases and proposed matter is made up particles called __________.

Pressure is known as the _________ per area on a _____________. Imagine squeezing a balloon. All the pressure that is felt is due to the _______________ of the gas particles that are moving around and bouncing off the ________ of the balloon. The SI unit for pressure is Pascal (____), however _________________ (atm) is used most frequently.

If volume of mixture co and co2 increases by 20% on passing over hot coke, the percentage of co2 in the oeiginal mixture
Compare the dipole moment of the following: O nitrophenol O dichlorobenzene O xylene

According to me, o dichlorobenzene should have the highest dipole moment since the angle will be acute but in o nitrophenol it will be obtuse. And o xylene should have the least since the dipole strength would be lesser as compared to others but surprisingly the order is: O nitrophenol(3.01D)>o dichlorobenzene(2.67D)> o xylene(0.64D) How?(data collected from internet)
The attractive force which binds a hydrogen atom of one molecule with an electronegative atom of another molecule of the same compound is called_________
A 2 litre flask contain 1.6gm Methan and 0.5gm hydrogen at 27c calculate the partial pressure of each gas in the mixture and hence calculate the total pressure
What is the element which is most likely to form a diatomic molecule in it's gaseous state among Ne, Zn, Na,Ca, Ar
Find the no of carbon atom in a 60 grm pencil containing 60℅graphite?
Hi sir
My name is Narsimha reddy I am from India
I need help one chemical reaction formula

please see this video s u can understand easily my question in this video person applied one chemical this chemical not effect the bond paper and not harmful only power effect the matchstick

how to burn match stick in air couple of niches distance of chemical coated bond paper
Matchstick made phottasium chlorate and antimony trisufate and other chemical

how to react Without touching any chemical and any rapid reaction

I have fully hope u can give the answer

Please help this reaction
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