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Why are the fluorides and oxides of Kr,Xe and Rn the only binary compound of the noble gases? Why similar compound are not formed by He and Ne?
A sealed glass container with a capacity of exactly 100ml contains 96.0 ml of liquid water at 0c. If the water freezes, will the container rupture
Explain the experimental facts that cannot be explained by the simple model of Warners theory
How is magnesium sulfate monohydrate MgSO4⋅H2O used for in chemistry and how does it work as a valuable laboratory drying agent? What is its purpose in chemistry labs?

I could not find too much information in my book or the internet besides the basics (chemical formula, physical or chemical characteristics, etc.), but I did find what it can be used in. For example, fertilizer, feed additives for livestock, nutrient flavor enhancer, pharmaceuticals, leather and fur production, coloring fabrics, fermentation in beer, paper production, sewage treatment, cosmetics, but nothing about how or why chemistry labs would use it. What is its purpose?

Each time I tried to look it up other products that sounded similar but not the same appeared such as MgSO4⋅H2O or manganese sulfate, manganous sulfate etc.
The first-order decomposition of N2O at 1000 K has an initial concentration of 10.9 M. If the concentration after 9.6 s is 7.4 X 10^-3 M, what is the half life?
How can i prepare 50% of hydrogen peroxide from 35% hydrogen peroxide?
'Binding Energy per nucleon for majority of elements lie in the region 7.5 to 8.0MeV'. Explain
Explain 'orbital electron capture process'. How will you characterize the process?
From the plot of binding energy per nucleon vs mass energy curve, explain why the lighter elements undergo fusion but heavier elements undergo fission.
Explain how thorium can be a source of nuclear energy.
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