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Calculate the binding energy per nucleon in MeV for the iron isotope with an atomic
number of 26 and a mass number of 56,
56Fe26 which has an atomic mass of 55.9349 amu.
The dichromate ion oxidizes iron (II) to iron (III) in acid solution. Balance the equation:
2- + H3O
+ + Fe
2+ → Cr3+ + Fe
3+ + H2O, by the half-reaction method
ΔHf/ KJ mol-1:
Mg(s) and O2(g) 0
MgO(s) - 601.70

Cp, m / KJ mol-1
Mg - 24.89
O2 - 29.36
MgO - 37.15

Define the std enthalpy of combustion and calculate this parameter for the combustion of magnesium at 25 degrees celsius.

Provide a balanced chemical equation, the equation used to calculate ΔHc and finally the complete thermochemical equation for the reaction.
What is the name and formula of a coordination compound comprising of two types of complex ions: one, a complex ion of Cr (III) with ethylenediamine, having a coordination number of 6; the other a complex of Ni(II) with CN-, having a coordination number of 4.
I am wondering if it is possible to use Syn Gas from a waste disposal plant to make a plastic that could be used for garbage bags.
What are the coordination compounds that can be formed from Co 3+, NH3, CN-1 and K+ and which of these can exist as geometric isomers? Eg. of a compound formed: [Co(NH3)6](CN)3?
What is the value of the activation energy for a reaction if at 298K the rate constant is 10 s-1 and when measured at 308K the value increases to 25 s-1 (using Arrhenius Equation)?
The pH of a 0.0516 M solution of nitrous acid, HNO2, is 2.34. What is its Ka?
What is the pH of a solution of HCl with a concentration of 1.2 X 10
-3 M?
If the rate of reaction doubles for every 10 °C rise in temperature, how much faster does
the reaction proceed at 45 °C than at 25 °C? At 95 °C than at 25 °C?
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