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a mixture of ethanol and methanol are separated by fractional distillation.
this method of separation depends on a difference in properly x of these two alcohols.
what is properly x?
A boiling point
B colour
C melting point
D sulubility
Question 16 : Although diamond occur in nature but it can be obtained artificially by __________.
Increase in principal quantum number(n) means_____of the atomic radii
Ag2O + H2 --> 2Ag + H2O

Silver oxide is a very expensive reactant compared to hydrogen gas. If you were to carry out this reaction in the lab in the most cost effective way to produce a high yield, which of the reactants should be used in excess?

which is the charge that results when oxygen becomes an ion ?
1. The reaction Fecl3 + H20 (cold water)
i. Observation: what is the color of product formed and is it a solution, precipitate or a gelatinous precipitate.
ii. Inference: e.g is any ion present like fe3+, fe2+ etc
2. divide the result of the solution formed above into 2 portions (in 2 test tubes)
3. Take portion ONE and react it with dilute hcl
i. Observation : is there any color change or precipitate formed
ii. inference: What is the inference for the reaction i.e is any ion like fe3+ present or confirmed
1. Is the product formed from the reaction between iron iii chloride and water a solution or a precipitate.
the present of hydrogen bond in most molecules is responsible for
What do you understand by centre of Inversion?
I do have a question about the concentration factor that affect the rate of reaction? Concentration. this is the measure of how crowded the particles are in a solution and the frequencies of collision. the gaseous equivalent of this is ----------?
what is the answer for that blank at the end
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