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Which of the following molecules exhibit rotational and or vibrational spectra
H2, HF, CO, NO
3. The positions of K and Ar,Co and Ni do not remain anomalous any longer since --------- is used in arranging the elements
Atomic mass
Ionic charge
Mass number
Atomic number
When 15g of hydrogen reacts with 30g of oxygen to form water
Calculate the heat required to vaporize 7.83 g of benzene at its normal boiling point.

Heat of vaporization (benzene) = 30.7 kJ/mol
For a first order reaction A→2B (k1) and A→ 3C (k2). Percentage of B in the product is 30%. Calculate the value of K1 and K2. ((t1/2) overall = 100 hr)). This is a question from "complication in first order reaction."
Hi there,
Just wondering what the etching mechanism would be for a solution of dilute NaOCl with a ZnS crystal.
I think it might be related to OCl- ion but would like to have this confirmed. Many thanks
I dont have practical result data. But i want calculation of ph values of 0.1m hcl, 0.05m hcl, 0.025m hcl 0.0125m hcl by using quinhydrone and calomel electrode and to compare the values of ph with theoretically calculated values.
So plzz answer me as per as u can bcz i have to submit ma project early.

Is this a valid reaction:

2LiNO2 + N2——->2Li3N + 2NO2 ?


what happens when the products of this reaction:

B +LiN03 + C +O2 ---->

interact with air?


What are the products of this reaction:

B + C + LiNO3 + O2 ———->

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