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Explain the type of hybridization in phosphorous pentafluoride
1) how amino acid can be located in paper chromatography.
2) what conditions are necessary for paper chromatography?
3) what type of solvent cannot be used in paper chromatography?
4) give different method by which you could detect type colorless compounds?
What is ammonium hydroxide?Explain with a suitable equation why the term is misleading and what would be a better term for it
What is ammonium hydroxide? Explain with a suitable equation why the term is
misleading and what would be a better term for it
If 11.4 kilograms of Al2O3(s), 51.4 kilograms of NaOH(l), and 51.4 kilograms of HF(g) react completely, how many kilograms of cryolite will be produced?
A wood block, 10 in x 6.0 in x 2.0 in, "weighs" 3 lb 10 oz. What is the density of the wood?
Determine the mass of 20.0 cubic feet of aluminum (density=2.70g/cm^3)
y-Fe2o3 and Fe3o4 are supposed to be face centred cube however when I do the calculations based on there peaks on the x-ray spectra the idex whcih are the hkl are all possibilties odd and even so thats primitive? or am I doing something wrong?
Why suitable reducing agents are required for reduction of metal oxides? What are the
guidelines to choose a particular reducing agent?
In which cases is hydrometallurgy applicable? In such cases, how are the leached out
metals recovered from solution? Explain with suitable examples.