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For theta -2 theta X-ray diffraction using Cu K, (lamda = 1.54 A° ) radiation from cubic crystals(a= 3.5 A°). How many diffraction peaks are in the 0°<2theta<90° range?. Give the index of the lattice for each diffraction peaks

For 8-20 X-ray diffraction using Cu K, (-1.54 A) radiation from cubic crystals 3.5 A). How many diffraction peaks are in the 0°<20<90° range?. Give the index of the lattice for each diffraction peaks

there are some salt available in a chemistry lab some of them are insoluble or less soluble in water among those salt is PB hole toys what is the concentration of PV hole toys in gram per litre dissolve in water if the KSP for this compound is 4.1 into 10 to the power minus 15 show the step-by-step solution + process

1 mole of nitrogen and 3 moles of hydrogen were mixed at 593 k and 2×10^7 pa at equilibrium constant the mixture contained 1.5 moles of ammonia. a) write the equilibrium expression for kp b) calculate the partial pressure of each component at equy c) work out the value of Kp at 593k

How many grams of O2 are required to produce 358.5 grams of ZnO?

2ZnO + O2 -> 2ZnO

Addition reaction of carbonyl compounds

Water H2o

A. 200.0 g of Ca(C2H3O2)2 was found in the chemistry laboratory. 


          i. the molecular mass of 1 mole Ca(C2H3O2) 2.

         ii. the number of  moles of Ca(C2H3O2)2  that exists   

        iii. the number of Ca(C2H3O2)2 molecules present

        iv.  the volume at STP  if Ca(C2H3O2)2 is converted to gas.

        v.  the molarity of a solution made by dissolving 200.0 g of      

                Ca(C2H3O2)2 in 200 ml of water

b)  Answer the following stoichiometry questions by referring to the equation below:

2 KClO3    2 KCl + 3 O2

i.        If 1.50 moles of KClO3 decomposes, what is the mass of O2 that will be produced?

ii.       If 80.0 grams of O2 was produced, how many moles of KClO3                  are decomposed?

iii.    Find the mass of KClO3 needed if we need to produce 2.75                                 moles of KCl.

Give two examples of alloys along with their compositions and uses

Derive equation of van't hoff factor when the solute undergo association.

Artist you contain a solution of one of the following salt NaCl b n e b r n e t describes single test that can distinguish among these salt

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