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SrCl2*6H2O(s)---> SrCl2(s) + 6H2O(g)

2. At lower temperatures SrCl2*6H2O(s) dissociates partially. 2.800g of SrCl2*6H2O(s) is placed in a sealed 1.000-L flask with air at 25.0 C and 750.0 torr. When the flask is heated to 122.0 C some SrCl2*6H2O(s) dissoicates so that the total pressure is 1565.0 torr.

a. Calculate the pressure due to the H2O(g) produced by the dissociation reaction (Account for the dry air at higher temperature)

b. Calculate the moles of H2O produced by the reaction.

c. Calculate the percent of SrCl2*6H2O(s) in the flask that dissociates at this temperature
What weight of lead nitrate in miligrams would needed to dissolve in 9990 ml water to prepare 75 ppm of pb2+?
Why was the Newlands law of octaves rejected ?
Although B (Boron) is smaller in size as compared to Be (Berellium) but the first ionisation
enthalpy of Be (Berellium) is higher than B (Boron).
A metal x forms two different chloride each 12.70g of chloride A and 16.30g of chloride B contain 7.10g and 10.70g of chlorine respectively. Which gravimetric law would it be in accordance with
Draw an electron density map for the iodide ion in sodium iodide showing any effect the sodium ion has on the iodide ion. Hint: The iodide ion gets polarized. The answer to this question on my exam paper shows a distorted iodide ion electron cloud with *four shells* Isn't the iodide ion supposed to have 5 shells? Could you elaborate why they have drawn four shells?
What is the enthalpy change of this reaction in kJ/mol?
NaOH (aq) + HCl (aq) --> NaCl (aq) + H2O (l)
50 cm3 of HCl acid was mixed with 50 cm3 of sodium hydroxide solution. Each solution contained 0.01 mol solute. The temp rise was 12 degrees Celsius. Assume the density of all solutions is 1.0 g/cm3. And use energy transferred (J) = mass of solution * 4.2 * change in temperature

A metal, X forms 2 different chlorides. if 12.70g of chloride A and 16.30g of chloride B contain 7.10g and 10.70g of chlorine respectively, what will be the formula of the compounds?
What's the hybridization of the central atoms in acetylcysteine?