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A 3.6 gram sample of sodium hydrogen carbonate is added to a solution of acetic acid weighing 10.2 grams. The two substances react, releasing carbon dioxide gas to the atmosphere. After the reaction, the contents of the reaction vessel weighs 11.2 grams. What is the mass of carbon dioxide released during the reaction?
How to calculate the equivalent mass of Barium hydroxide octahydrate?
Ammonia is produced synthetically by the reaction below. How many moles of NH3 are formed when 200.0 g of N2 reacts with hydrogen?

This image shows N sub 2 + 3H sub 2, reaction arrow, 2NH sub 3.
The following data was obtained during a test on a gaseous fuel using a Boys’ gas-type calorimeter. Gas supply pressure 20 mm H2O ,Gas supply temperature °C ,Volume of gas burned 0.010 m3 ,Exhaust gas temperature 19 °C ,Atmospheric pressure 99.5 kPa ,Cooling water inlet temperature 15 °C ,Cooling water outlet temperature 38 °C ,Mass of cooling water collected 2.55 kg ,Mass of condensate collected 5.15 g ,Determine the gross and net calorific values of the fuel measured in MJ m−3 at a normal temperature and pressure of 15 °C and 101.325 kPa, respectively. The specific heat capacity of water is 4187 J kg−1 K−1 and its specific latent heat of vaporisation is 2453 kJ kg−1.
The chemical analysis of a sample of solid fuel shows it to contain 80.6% carbon, 2.8% hydrogen and 1.1% sulphur. The remainder is incombustible material which remains as ash. Determine (i) the oxygen required for complete combustion of each of the combustible elements per kilogram of fuel and (ii) the theoretical mass of air required for complete combustion per kilogram of the fuel. The oxygen content of air by mass is 23%.
You have 72 cans of budlight in a cooler, the cans are at room temperature at 25°C. Each can contains 355 ml of mostly water and are made of 12.5 g of aluminum. To cool the beer, you decide to buy 10 lbs of ice that is -18°C. How many bags of ice do you need to cool all the booze down at 0°C?
How to extract ovalbumin from egg whites?
How to prepare coffee grounds to use as bioplastic?
How to sonicate eggshells?
Indicates the oxidized element and the reduced element in the following chemical equation.
H2AsO4 + H2S → H7AsO3 + S + H2O
Can calcium nitrate accept acid dye? Besides nylon, what plastic will accept acid dye?
Predict the appearance of the high-resolution proton NMR spectrum of
(a) acetone.
(b) acetaldehyde.
(c) methyl ethyl ketone.
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