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1. Dr. Gray had 89.4 grams of nitrogen gas and 230 grams of oxygen gas. Which reactant will limit his production of dinitrogen pentoxide? How many grams of dinitrogen pentoxide will be produced?
2N2 + 5O2 → 2N2O5
5) Which species is oxidized in the reaction below?

Au(s) + 3NO3-(aq) + 6H+(aq) → Au3+(aq) + NO(g) + 3H2O (l)

H+, N+5, O2-, H2O, Au

A) H+

B) N+5

C) Au

D) O2-

E) H2O
i want to removed the scent from my mineral oil , hope you can help reply respectively
thank you very much
Calculate the empirical formula of vulcium chloride.
What mass of ammonium nitrate is required to lower the temperature of 400 mL of
water from 25 oC to 1oC? The Hsoln for ammonium nitrate is 34 kJ/mol.
Calculate the mass of copper if 3687.9 J of copper is cooled from 155 oC to 23 oC.
The specific heat of copper is 0.385 J/g*oC.
Calculate the volume of 1.01mol/L sodium hydroxide that is required to neutralize 25.00mL of a hydrochloric acid solution that has a pH of 0.32
Manual Centigrade vs Fahrenheit Graphing

1.Convert 0, 15, 38, 45, and 100 degrees of Celsius to digress of Fahrenheit using:

°F = (1.8 × °C) + 32. Fill in the data in the following data table.

Table 2. Data table for temperature °C vs. °F








2.Use the graph paper-I provided on line. Plot the above data using steps described. Be sure to calculate the range and scale.

seventy years ago, almost all electrical appliances were completly made out of metal. now , most appliances are plastic on the outside. why do you think this is?
I have been told not to apply clear silicone to seal on exterior applications because the UV causes it to unadhere or deteriorate faster than products with color. Is this a true statement? I’ve never seen clear silicone deteriorate unless it was applied incorrectly? Please explain