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Differientiate between leaching and erosion
The Zn in 0.7556-g sample of foot powder was titrated with 21.27 mL of 0.01645 M EDTA. Calculate the percentage of Zn in this sample.
Calculate the volume of 0.0500 M EDTA needed to titrate 23.37 mL of 0.0741 M Mg(NO3)2
What mass of carbon dioxide is produced from the complete combustion of 3.10×10−3 g of methane?
Calculate the final temperature of 38 mL of ethanol initially at 19 ∘C upon absorption of 552 J of heat. (density of ethanol =0.789 g/mL)
1 mol of hydrogen gas and 1 mol of iodine vapour were mixed and allowed to react.
After t seconds, 0.8 mol of hydrogen remained.
The number of moles of hydrogen iodide formed after t seconds was;
A 0.2
B 0.4
C 0.8
D 1.6
What would the molarity of the final solution be if (1.150x10^-2) L of (2.53x10^0) M HCl is placed in a (6.0000x10^2) mL volumetric flask and diluted to the mark with distilled water?
A burning cigarette results in the release of 300 ppmv of CO. M a first approximation, assume that the concentration of CO in an enclosed space with no added ventilation scales with the number of cigarettes that are burning, according to the formula:
Total concentration of CO in pp!- number of buming cigarettes * 300 ppm,
What is the minimum number of burning cigarettes that must exist in the space in order for a person's blood to *thieve* carboxyhemoglobin level of at least 42.596 at saturation? If needed, you may assume that the breathing rate of air is 2.5 Liters per minute, the oxygen level in the air is constant at 2195, all CO that enters the body is converted to carboxyhemoglobin, and only complete cigarettes are burned (!.e there cannot be a fraction of a cigaretre.)
Gasolice is a blend of many different types of hydrocarbon compounds. Suppose that the majority of gasoline Can be represented by the formula (Cg11(8). some states, ellumol (C2115011) is added to gasoline to create an oxygenated fuel mixture. Suppose that the gaseline+ethannl+air MiX.0 COM.. of 4500 ppm of gasoline and 500 ppm of ethanol. Using the information that appears below, determine the can limit (in units of percent by volume,95,, expressed to two decimal places) for the given mixture of gasoline and ethanol.
Fuel Molecular Mass (g/mol) Lower Explosive Limit (ppm) Upper Explosive Limit (Fpm) Gasoline 114.23 1.2x104 7.1 x104 Ethanol 46.07 33 x104 19.0 x104
what is air fuel ratio expressed to one decimal place of ethylene oxide combustion in air that consist of 15%excess air
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