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The chemical formula for potassium chlorate is KClO3. What is the weight of the Cl (chlorine) in 13,664 grams of potassium chlorate? (Atomic weights: K; 39; Cl, 35; O, 16)
Monika had some guests visiting one Sunday afternoon. While serving them tea from the kettle, a gush of steam suddenly burns her fingers and she feel intense pain. Her mother advises her to put fingers in cold water. After sometimes the pain subsides. Answer the following question based on the above situation. What could be the possible reason for the intense pain felt by Monika? Why does mother ask her to keep her fingers in cold water? What value are promoted by monika's mother
Sodium metal and chlorine gas can be produced industrially by passing an electric current through molten sodium chloride: 2 NaCl(1)= Na(1)+Cl2(g)
what valume of Cl2 at 293K (20 degrees C) and 1.00 atm can be obtained from 68.0 NaCl using this reaction? (M NaCl= 58.44 g/mol; R= 0.0821 L•atm/[K•mol])
If you need 5 moles of water then how many grams of it will you weigh
How much solid Pb(No3)2 must be added to 1L of 0.001M Na2So4 sloution for a pricipitation of PbSo4 (ksp=1.6*10^-8) to form ? assume no change in volume when solid is added
calculate the vapour pressure of aqueous 0.01 M glucose solution at 300 Kelvin temperature the vapour pressure of water is 0.03 bar at 300 Kelvin temperature.
Calculate the number of moles in 15 liters of oxygen at STP.
Explain the process of inheritance, and describe the outcome of interactions between autosomal and sex linked alleles.
Explain evolution in a population, correctly outlining the influence of inheritance, describing the sources of variation, which supports survival and lead to natural selection and changes in the gene pool.
how does the position of elements in the periodic table tell about their atomic structure, electron configuration, bonding types, reactivity, electronegativity and physical properties?