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what is the mass of 0.200 moles of aspirin
Consider a titration between 40.0 mL of .200 M HNO3 with .100 M NaOH. Calculate the pH at specific points given throughout the titration. A. No NaOH added B. 10.0 mL NaOH c. 40.0 mL NaOH D. 80.0 mL NaOH E. 100.0 mL NaOH
As a river slows down, it drops off rocks and sediments along the riverbank. What is this process called?

How many molecules of nitrogen are used to produce two molecules of ammonia?

what are three ways that yeast use carbon (in the form of glucose)?
Find three other chemicals that can be produced from fermentation besides ethanol.
List some other substrates that could be used to replace glucose, especially if they would typically be a byproduct of another process.
why yeast might produce ethanol during fermentation if ethanol is eventually toxic to them.
The phosphate in a 4.258-g sample of plant food was precipitated as Ag3PO4 through the addition of 50.00 mL of 0.0820 mol L-1 AgNO3 : 3Ag+ + HPO42- ⇌ Ag3PO4(s) + H+ The solid was filtered and washed, following which the filtrate and washings were diluted to exactly 250.0 mL. Titration of a 50.00-mL aliquot of this solution required a 4.64-mL back-titration with 0.0625 mol L-1 KSCN. Express the results of this analysis in terms of the percentage of P2O5 .
How many milliliters of water have to be added to 300 mL of stock solution of 11.1 M HNO3 to have final concentration of 6.00 M?
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