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1.)How much iron is present in 8 . 13 g of iron(III) oxide? Answer in units of g.

2.) A chemist wants to extract the gold from 62 . 21 g of AuCl 3 · 2 H 2 O (gold(III) chloride dihydrate) by electrolysis of an aqueous solu- tion. What mass of gold could be obtained from this sample? Answer in units of g.

3 (part 1 of 2) 10.0 points The molecular weight of erbium is 167 . 259 g/mol, sulfur is 32 . 065 g/mol, oxygen is 15 . 9994 g/mol, hydrogen is 1 . 00794 g/mol, carbon is 12 . 0107 g/mol, tin is 118 . 71 g/mol, and strontium is 87 . 62 g/mol. What is the percentage of C in glycerol? Answer in units of %.

4 (part 2 of 2) 10.0 points What is the percentage of H in glycerol? Answer in units of %.

5). 10.0 points What is the % carbon, by weight, in a 0 . 166 g sample of C 2 H 6 ? Answer in units of %.
Give scientific reasons:(1)Electron affinity increases along a period.(2)First ionization potential value is smaller than second Ionization value.(3)Na+,Mg+2 and Al-3 are iso- electronic ions.
Give scientific reasons:(1)H-F has lower boiling point as compared to H2O although fluorine is moreelectronegative than oxygen.(2)HCL has polar bond while CL-CL is non-polar bond.(3) CO2 is polar molecule but it has zero dipole moment.(4) A polar bond is stronger than non polar bond.
Give scientific reasons:(1) Rate of reaction is directly proportional to concentration of reactant.(2)Rate of reaction becomes double for every 10K rise in temperature.
How to determine nitrite using cadmium reduction column by titration method ?
I am going to do this experiment in the laboratory & I need to find out the exact measurements for this method.
A mixture of gases with a total of pressure of 100 ATM is 75% N2 and 25% O2 what is the gas pressure of N2 gas in this mixture
How many titanium are in a pure titanium bicycle frame with a mass of 1.28kg
What mass of oxygen (931.998 g/mol) would be needed to react with exactly 0.0154 mol of aluminum (26.982 g/mol)?
For the following analytical scenario below which involved initially diluting 20 ml of the original water sample into a 1000 ml volumetric flask. Subsequently, the sample was prepared and analyzed as depicted below:

Volemetric flask (500ml) #1
Sample Composition: 5 ml of sample + 0 mL of 300 ppm Na 0.5% LiCl2
Absorbance: 0.12

Volemetric flask (500ml) #2
Sample Composition: 5 ml of sample + 1 ml of 300 ppm Na + 0.5% LiCl2
Absorbance: 0.17

Volemetric flask (500ml) #3
Sample Composition: 5 ml sample + 2 ml of 300 ppm Na + 0.5% LiCl2
Absorbance: 0.21

I. If all the flasks were diluted to a final volume of 500 ml with distilled water calculate the final concentration of sodium in the sample through a graphical and mathematical solution.

II. Why Lanthanum and Cesium or Lithium are added to solutions to be analysed for Calcium and Sodium respectively?
9) In a study of the poisoning of fish, 0.500 g of samples of fish tissue were analysed for barium. Each sample was digested with a permanganate-sulfuric acid mixture, and the volume adjusted to 10 mL and to construct calibration curve, 0.500-g samples of uncontaminated fish tissue were injected with various amounts of Ba+2, and corresponding absorbance as follows:

Standard 0: 0.00μg Ba+2; 0.015
Standard 1: 50 μg Ba+2; 0.220
Standard 2: 100 μg Ba+2; 0.415
Standard 3: 150 μg Ba+2; 0.602

If all samples and standards were treated in identical manner, what was the concentration of barium (in μg Ba per g of fish) in a fish sample whose absorbance value was 0.421 and 0.378, respectively?