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Mass of 1 atom of hydrogen is
a) Provide the precise chemical description (anomer, isomer and either pyranose or furanose form) of the circular stereoisomers that are formed by ribose in cells. b) Which circular stereoisomer (anomer, isomer and either pyranose or furanose form) is found in DNA? (0.5 marks)
c) Using the language of the unit, give an explanation whether the sugar components of DNA are reducing sugars? (1 mark). (no more than 50 words; use key words).
What is the pOH if the Molarity of NaOH is 2.3X10^-11

I am trying to make a mixture of the following ingredients: distilled water, alcohol, aluminum sulphate and glycerin.

The problem is that when I add alcohol to the water and aluminum sulphate mixture (the aluminum sulphate is completely dissolved), the alcohol solidifies the aluminum sulphate again, so I am left with even more solid aluminum sulphate then in the beginning.

What I need is for the mixture to be completely mixed, clear and without solids.

Thank you everyone for your time!
Find the molar mass of the following compound:
A solution in which the dissolved solute and undissolved solute are in equilibrium is?
If 50.0 mL of 12.0 M of nitric acid is prepared with 0.100 M nitric acid, what will the new volume be?
a) List four characteristics of allotropy.
b) If the solubility in water is high for NaCI and low for Cat(PO4)2:

i) derive expressions for the solubility products for NaCI and Cat(PO4)2 (5]
ii) draw a Hess’s law cycle for the dissolution of NaCl.
Discuss the structure, properties and applications of steel.
530 mL Need 18°C and 1.04 ATM is mixed with 364 mL of SF6 at 18°C and 0.85 ATM in a 250 mL flask. Calculate the partial pressure of each gas
I am completing a orohiect for my Chemistry class and need an expert opinion to add to my research on the following question. Thanks

How do the gases created during the decomposition of organic material affect the environment? How do different types of organic materials vary in the amount of gases produced?
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