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1. What is the relationship between the number of protons and the electronegativity of an atom?

2. In terms of nuclear charge, explain why fluorine is more electronegative than oxygen?

3. In terms of (i) atomic size, (ii) nuclear charge and (iii) screening (shielding) effect, explain why lithium is more electronegative than caesium?

4. Write the formula for the molecule that has equal electron sharing that is not an element _____________________

5. Explain why atoms have different attractions for bonding electrons.

6. Define the first, Second, and Subsequent ionization energies.
Write the formula for a molecule that has equal electron sharing that is not an element
calculate the molality of ethanol in a solution that which contains 55 g of ethanol in 0.42 kg of water . the molar mass of ethanol is 46 g/mol
What element of the fire triangle is removed when fireman protect buildings near a large fire by spraying them with water?
What component of the elution buffer causes column-bound PFU to release from the Ni-NTA? Why does this component have this effect on the PFU-bound resin?
How many kilograms of dog food are in an 8oz can
The decomposition of N2O5 occurs as
2N2O5 gives 4NO2 +O2 and follows first order reaction hence
1)the reaction is bimolecular
2)the reaction is unimolecular
3)t(half) is directly proportional to a^o
4) none
Hi, can you teach me how to draw the structures of a ionic and a covalent bonds?
Depending on the number of alkyl group attached to the nitrogen atom, the amines are classified as?
How many aluminium ions will be discharged by 0.33F?[Avogadro constant = 6.02*10^23
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