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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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Which one of the following will have the higher boiling point? (2) CH3OCH3 or CH3CH2CH3 ii) Arrange the following in the order of their increasing max values: (3) 2-Methyl 1,3 butadiene, 1,3-butadiene, 1,3,5-hexatriene. Give reason in support of your answer.
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What is hyperconjugation? Explain the relative stability of primary, secondary and tertiary carbocations on the basis of hyperconjugation.
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a) How can cyclopentane be prepared from the following? (2) i) 1, 5 – dibromopentane ii) hexanedioic acid b) Alkanes with odd number of carbon atoms have lower melting point than those with an even number. Explain. (1) c) Complete the following reactions: (2) i) CH3CH2Br + CH3CH2Br …………… ii) CH3CH2CH2CH2COOH + C5H5N …………
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Why does hydroboration appear as anti-Markownik off addition ?
(1) b) An alkene having molecular formula C6H12 on ozonolysis yielded butanal and ethanal.
(2) What is the structural formula of alkene? c) Complete the following reactions: (2) i) CH3CH2CH2CH = CH CH2CH3 + …………. ii) (CH3)2C=O + Ph3P = CH3 …………
In Progress...
8. a) How would you prepare a trans alkene from an alkyne? Give its mechanism.
(2) b) Arrange the following in the decreasing order of their basic strength. Justify your answer.
3) alkanide anion; alkenide anion; alkynide anion
9. a) What is resonance energy? Explain taking the example of benzene.
(2) b) What do you understand by para-directing activators, para-directing deactivators and
(3) meta-directing deactivators?
In Progress...
10. a) Compare the basicities of pyridine and pyrrole.
(2) b) Predict the major and minor products of the following reactions:
(3) i) Nitration of azole ii) Friedel-Crafts acylation of pyrrole iii) Friedel-Crafts alkylation of pyridine
11. Complete the following reactions:
(5) i) CH3MgXii) H+/H2Ob)c)d)CH3SCH3+H2O2H+298 KC6H5 OHe)CH3CH2OC2H5i) NaBH4
In Progress...
12. a) How would you prepare chloroform from ethanol and acetone? Write all the steps involved in these methods. )2(21 b) Write the mechanism of the reaction of 3-methyl-2-butnol with aqueous HBr. )2(21

13. a) What would be the final products of the reaction of HI with diethyl ether and anisole? Explain. Write the application of Zeisel method along with its brief experimental details. )2(21 b) What is aldol condensation? Write its mechanism.
In Progress...
14. Write the representative reaction for the following:
(5) a) Sandmeyer reaction b) Reimer-Tiemann reaction c) Mannich reaction d) Willgerodt reaction e) Knoevenagel reaction
15. i) How will you obtain 2-methylbutanoic from 2-chlorobutane? (3) ii) Write the mechanism of sulphonation of benzene.
In Progress...
16. Discuss the mechanism of Claisen condensation.

17. Give the products of the following reactions: (15)
i) Ethanoyl chloride + propanol …………..
ii) Ethanoic acid + thionyl chloride …………….
iii) 1, 2 – benzenedicarboxylic acid ………………
iv) Benzene + ethanoic anhydride …………… + ………….
v) N-methylbutanamide ………….. + …………….
In Progress...
18. Write the reduction products of nitrobenzene obtained under different reaction conditions.

19. What is Gattermann reaction? How is it different from Sandmeyer reaction? Explain giving suitable examples.

20. Explain the following terms: (2+2+1) i) Mutarotation ii) Nucleotide iii) Acid value
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