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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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The coefficients of a balanced version of the equation of reaction involving hydrochloric acid and calcium carbonate to give the respective products are:
Calculate the number of mole contained in a solution of sulphuric acid, if the titre value on titration against
0.5 M sodium carbonate is
A metal X that raects with metal Y in a solution of Y but does not react with Z in a solution of Z means that --------------.
Metal Y is the least reactive
Metal X is the least reactive
Metal Z is the least reactive
Metal Y and metal Z have equal reactivity
When an acidic chemical splashes into the eyes, the first thing to do is ---------
Apply 1% sodium carbonate
Apply 1% boric acid solution
Flush the eye with a copious amount of clean lukewarm running water
Put eye drop
Which is of higher concentration; 1 molal solution or 1 molar solution
None of the above
1 molal solution
1 molar solution
They are equivalent
n undergraduate student weighed 20g of sodium carbonate salt. If Na=23, O=16, carbon = 12and H=1, what is the mole of the hydroxide?
0.19 mole
Which of the following gives the most accurate volume of a measured solution
100ml burette
50 ml burette
25ml burette
10ml burette
A precipitated salt can be dried using -------------
Cooling oven
Wrapped with filter paper
Heated tungsten wire
solution contains 4 grams of sodium hydroxide in 250ml of solution . If Na=23, O=16, H=1 and
1cm3 of water weighs 1g, what is the concentration of the solution in grams per dm3?
Reduction of volume of a solution in an experiment can be achieved by --------.
Freeze drying the solution
Prespitation out the solution
Filtering out the solution
Control heat of the solution.
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