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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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The molar extinction coefficient of a compound, X, at 370 nm wavelength is 250 m^2 mol^-1. It's solutions of concentration 7.5 * 10^-2 mol m^-3 is taken in a cell of thickness 0.010 m. Find the ratio of the intensity of transmitted radiation to the intensity of the incident radiation.
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what is the frequency of light having a wavelength of 691 nm? what is the wavelength(in nm) of radiation having a frequency of 4.29*10^9 Hz?
what is the frequency of light having a wavelength of 691 nm? what is the wavelength(in nm) of radiation having a frequency of 4.29*10^9 Hz? ( the radiation is in the microwave region)

a) frequency of light?
.....*10^... Hz

b) Wavelength of radiation?

.....*10^.... nm
If you have 100 g of NaOH and 100 g of Al to perform the reaction, how many grams of H2 will you produce?
6NaOH(aq) + 2Al(s) ® 2NA3AlO3(s) + 3H2(g)
What are the half equations for the electrolysis of aqueous solution of a)sodium nitrate and b)potassium iodide.

What is the balanced equation to show the reaction between CuSO4 and H2O
Will Iron react with lead II oxide? if so what is the balanced equation for the reaction?

What are the individual oxidative states for each of the elements in the following substances?

From this equation work out the oxidation states of bromine and sulphur before and after the reaction. from this which has been oxidised and which reduced.
Work out the oxidation state of manganese and chromium in these compounds potassium permanganate and sodium dichromate please show the workings for this.

what is the oxidation state of the polyatomic anions permanganate(VII) and dichromate (VI) please show the workings for this.
1. What are the dimensions of the constant k in Coulomb’s law of electrostatics?
a.ML2T−4 T−2 A−1
b. ML2T3A−2
c. M −2 L3T2A−1
d. ML3T−4 A−2

2 Two charges Q 1 =500μC and Q 2 =100μC are located on the XY plane at the positions r 1 =3j ⃗ m and r 2 =4i ⃗ m. Find the force exerted on the Q 2

a. 14.4i ⃗ +10.8j ⃗ N

b. 14.4i ⃗ –10.8j ⃗ N

c. 10.8i ⃗ –14.4j ⃗ N

d. 10.8i ⃗ +14.4j ⃗ N

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Water is a non linear molecule. The number of modes of vibration of this molecule can predict the number of bands of IR spectrum. Justify or Explain.
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