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Chemistry Questions and Answers

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If 32.7 cal of heat is removed from 17.8 g of copper, the temperature decreased to 15.2 oC. What was the initial temperature of the copper? (The specific heat of copper is 0.0908 cal/(g oC))
How would you dilute a solution containing 0.5g in 100mL to give 0.5mg/mL
How many grams of oxygen are in 5.89×1023 formula units of (NH4)2SO4?
Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units.
what are degenerate energy levels
Complete and balance the following acid-base and acid-carbonate reactions:
Why does a liquid at boiling point remain the same temperature until it is all converted to a gas?
Determine the mass of one mole (molar mass) of calcium chloride (CaCl2).
Briefly explain the key similarities and differences between the Bohr and quantum atomic in regard to the following
1. Energy levels occupied by electrons
2.Positions occupied by electrons
3 Shielding or screening effect on outer electrons
How many milligrams are in 4.6 Teragrams?
Dinitrogen oxide can be produced by heating solid ammonium nitrate to 200 degrees C or more. (At 200.0 degrees C, N2O and H2O are both gases.) If the 2.00 kg of solid NH4NO3 were heated to 200.0 degrees C in a 250. L steel reaction vessel, what would the pressure in the vessel be following the reaction? Assume the reaction goes to completion.