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If ionic bonds are broken when a salt dissolves in water and the ions are separated and surrounded by water molecules, how can ions react with each other to form a precipitate?
Which of the following statements describe hydrogen bonding between water molecules or describe properties of water that lead to hydrogen bonding between water molecules?
Water is polar due its bent structure and an unequal sharing of electrons
the slightly positive hydrogen atom is attracted to the slightly negative oxygen atom within a single water molecule.
water is nonpolar due to its linear structure and unequal sharing of electrons.
the slightly negative atom of one water molecule is attracted to the slightly positive hydrogen atom of another water molecule.
2 Ca3(PO4)2 + 6 SiO2 + 10C ---> 6 CaSiO3 + 10 CO(g) + P4
How many grams of calcium phosphate would be needed to make 100 grams of phosphorus? How much calcium silicate would be formed as a by-product?
During the quick titration of 10 ml of lemon juice with 0.1053 mol/L NaOH, a student dispensed 82mL of sodium hydroxide (titrant) into the lemon juice (anylate) before the end point was reached. Estimate the anylate concentration assuming the acid in the lemon juice is monoprotic
If anyone could help me answer part B of this problem I would appreciate it.

4. Consider the following reaction used as a rocket fuel:
(CH3)2N2H2 (s) + N2O4 (l) ⇌ 2CO2 (g) + 3N2 (g) + 4H2O (g)
Kp for this reaction is so large you can assume it goes to completion. The gases produced by this reaction were
collected in a closed, 118 L vessel, and at equilibrium, the total pressure was 2.50 atm and the temperature was
400 K.
a) Write the equilibrium constant expression (Kp) for this reaction.
b) What are the partial pressures of CO2, N2, and H2O at equilibrium?
What type of interaction exists between the particles of an ionic and covalent solids.Which solid has higher melting point?.Why?.Give example of each.
(i)Explain the processes which are used for the extraction of metals from carbonates and sulphide ores.
(ii)Some metals such as Al,Au,Na can not be obtained from their ores by using common reducing agents such as C,CO,Water.Which type of reducing method is used for such metals?
what volume of Hydrogen would be liberated when 11.2g of Iron Fe reacts with excess dilute tetraoxosulphate(vi) acid
H- 1 O-16 S-22 Fe- 36
whats is the mass in grams of 5.27x10^22 atoms of tin
a gas has a volume of 255mL, a pressure of 733 mm Hg, a temperature of 548 degrees celcius and a mass of 1.22g. What is the molar mass?