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Our Finance teacher wants us to explain the meaning each of the following:
1. More value is preferred to less value
2. The sooner cash is received the more valuable it is
3. Less risky assets are more valuable than riskier assets
what is the implication of injecting foreign exchange into the economy. what will happen to money supply?
effect of increasing reserve ratio by central bank on both simple and complex multiplier
A delivery car had a first cost of $34,000, an annual operating cost of $18,000, and an estimated $6500 salvage value after its 6-year life. Due to an economic slowdown, the car will be retained for only 3 years and must be sold now as a used vehicle. At an interest rate of 8% per year, what must the market value of the used vehicle be in order for its AW value to be the same as the AW if it had been kept for its full life cycle?
Determine the capitalized cost of a permanent roadside historical marker that has a first cost of $92,500 and a maintenance cost of $3,200 once every 8 years. Use an interest rate of 9% per year
Eric provides his employee with the use of a car for 183 days during the FBT
year. During this period the car travelled 16,000 km. Eric purchased the car last
year for $50,000. The employee contributed $1,000 towards the cost of running
the car and has provided Eric with relevant documentation.
Calculate the taxable value of the car fringe benefit using the statutory
Your client is a parent who lent $40,000 to her son to provide a
short-term housing loan. The agreement is that the son will repay
$50,000 at the end of five years.
Reconsider this question in light of the following facts. The loan was
made to the son without any formal agreement and without any
security provided for the sum lent. In addition, the client (the
mother) has informed you that she told her son that he need not
pay interest. However, the son repaid the full amount after two
years and included in his payment an additional amount which was
equal to 5% pa on the amount borrowed. Only one cheque was
presented for the total amount.
Discuss the effect on the assessable income of the parent
Discuss how public choice is derived through different voting models.
Why is Fiscal Fedrelism efficient in provision of public service?

You have been asked by management to prepare a report on why the personnel budget has a large negative variance. What information would you include in your report?
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