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Payments of $ 670 are being made at the end of each month for 5 years at an interest of 8% compounded monthly. Calculate the Present Value.
suppose mr arsalan's basic salary is 12000.calculate the allowances (house rent,utility bills,conveyance allowanc).Also,find the provident fund and gratuity?
Prepare the cash flow statement from investing activities of Alpha Creative Ltd for the year ended March31, 2019 Plant acquired 160000 Claim received for loss of plant in fire 45500 Unsecured loans given to subsidiaries 595000 Interest on loan received from subsidiary companies 72500 Also give reasons for the classification of above activities as inflow /outflow
Wildcat Ltd, a manufacturing company sold a machinery for Rs 8 lacs at the year end. The company had purchased the machinery four years back for Rs 15 lacs and had depreciated the same using written down value method of depreciation @ 20%. As an accounts executive of Wildcat Ltd, calculate the WDV of the asset for the four years, accumulated depreciation for four years and profit/loss on sale, if any.
Mr shri want to record the financial transactions of his newly started business discuss what accounting step/stage he need to adhere so that the transaction can be duly recorded and processed in oder to prepare the financial statement
Suppose Mr. Arslan’s basic salary is Rs 12000. Calculate the allowances (House rent, utility bills, conveyance allowance). Also, find the provident fund and gratuity.
An investor wishes to purchase a business for one million dollars. The business is expected to run for 5 years and the following net returns are expected. Year 1 : $200 000 Year 2 : $300 000 Year 3 : $180 000 Year 4 : $195 000 Year 5 : $150 000 Should the investor buy the business? The business is expected to return at least 10% per annum. (9 marks)
The data in the accompany shows the unit prices (in $) and quantity (in millions) of three appliances sold in a certain large city in 2015 and 2016. 2015 2015 2016 2016 ITEM PRICE QUANTITY PRICE QUANTITY Refrigerator 1200 50 1300 65 Stove 350 30 400 40 Television 900 60 1050 70 Using 2015 as a base year, calculate each of the following. 5.1. Laspeyres price index. (8 marks) 5.2. Laspeyres quantity index. (3 marks) 5.3. Paasche index. (3 marks)
Question: Payments of $670 are being made at the end of each month for 5 years at an interest rate of 8% compounded monthly. Calculate the Present value?
Project is required in initial investment of ruppes 500000 cash flow after for its estimated life of 4 years are as follows Year. CFAT 1. 100000 2. 200000 3. 150000 4. 160000
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