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Consider the following covariances between stock RBA and stock SAL:
RBA 0.484 0.255
SAL 0.283 0.255
Calculate the variance on a portfolio that is made up of a $48,000 investment in
stock RBA and a $32,000 investment in stock SAL.
Show all your calculations.
Which part of the executive branch is responsible for preparing the president’s budget

If Joe taxable income is 7500 using a tax table above how much would he pay in taxes

Consider a town with two neighbors. They are considering planting some trees in their town. There is a public good in this economy from the trees in the form of fresh air, an increase in the bird population, and shade. Neighbor-A demand for trees is given by P1 = 500-2Q. Neighbor-B demand for trees is given by P2 = 250 -3Q. The marginal cost of planting trees in the town is given by MC = 150. How many trees will be planted in the town? What is the price paid by each neighbor for the trees?

Suppose HTC sells 8000 smartphones in Taiwan per week at a price of $250.Due to competition,HTC reduces the price to $225 and subsequently notices that demand for its smartphone increases to 8640 units in the following week.Calculate the price elasticity of demand for HTC smartphones
In the short run (short-term) how do ship-owners adjust (respond) to price changes in freight rate?
The owner of a car wash is trying to decide on the number of people to employ based on the following short-run production function:
Q = 6L – 0.5L2
Where Q = Number of car washers per hour
L = Number of workers
a. Generate a schedule showing total product, average product, and marginal product, Plot this schedule on a graph.

rahul is appointed an economics’professor in a reputed university. In his first lecture, students asked him to elaborate on Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Gross National Product(GNP). Help Rahul to prepare his first lecture on the given topic with relevant example and highlight the differences between the two concepts.

You As economic consultant to the dominant firm in a particular market, you have discovered that, at the current price and output, demand for your client’s product is price inelastic. What advice regarding pricing would you give? (8 Marks)

2)Solve using a computer to find the best solution:
a)To minimize the cost of a 50-pound bag of the fertilizer, Golding should use such amount ofchemicals:
In this case, the cost is 4.4 $.
b)In case Golding have to use at least 1 pound of each chemical, the amount will be:
In this case, the cost is 4.49 $.
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