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Which of the following is not an acceptable intervention by the public sector in a mixed economy?

[1] the provision of funds for public goods such as parks and streetlights

[2] regulation of the pricing behaviour of monopoly industries

[3] stabilisation of the economy during periods of economic instability

[4] regulation of the price increases that result from changes in patterns of demand and supply in the competitive market

Beauty First is a Proudly South African company that produces beauty products from natural ingredients. Kiki, the chief executive officer (CEO) of Beauty First, is updating the organisation's initial business plan, as she wants to approach the bank for an additional loan to finance the upgrading of the laboratory. She has explained that it is a private company within the retail industry. She has also included a brief history of the company. Which section of the business plan is Kiki busy with?

1 Executive summary

2 General company description

3 Marketing plan

4 Management plan

A ___________ refers to a limitation of the business that places it at a disadvantage; whereas a __________ refers to an aspect of a business that provides it with an advantage in its internal business environment.

1 threat; strength

2 threat; opportunity

3 weakness; strength

4 weakness; opportunity

Eskom Enterprises is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eskom Holdings, representing the investment arm of South Africa’s Eskom Holdings, and is tasked with providing high quality, mission critical services to Eskom in particular and the electricity industry as a whole. The vision of Eskom is to provide sustainable power for a better future. Its mission is to provide sustainable electricity solutions to grow the economy and improve the quality of life of the people in South Africa and in the region. Source: http://www.eskom.co.za/OurCompany/CompanyInformation/Pages/Business_Vision.aspx (Accessed on 15/06/2020)

The above scenario can be associated with the _________________ environment of Eskom.

1 micro

2 macro

3 industry

4 political

The market environment has a/an __________ influence on the business and the macro environment has a/an _________ influence.

1 direct; direct

2 direct; indirect

3 indirect; direct

4 indirect; indirect

The most important objective of a business plan is to ____________________________.

1 identify and describe the nature of the business opportunity

2 present a written plan of how the opportunity is to be exploited

3 provide instruments that the entrepreneur can use to lead the venture

4 attract investors to provide capital

The drivers and general workers can be regarded as __________ and would be regarded as __________ stakeholders.

1 collateral; external

2 employees; internal

3 employees; external

4 management; internal

Elaborate on any five concepts or names associated with money on where it is used.

Analyze the annual reports of Flour Mills of Fiji (2020), RB Patel Ltd (2020) and Paradise Beverages Ltd (2019) from South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE) and answer the following questions.

1. Calculate the share value using Dividend Discount Model, assuming dividend will grow 2% for Flour Mills of Fiji, 5% for RB Patel Ltd and 8% for Paradise Beverages constantly for the companies on their respective base year.

2. Calculate the Earnings Per Share (EPS) and the Market Capitalization for each of the companies.

3. Comment on the share value of the companies given the Dividend Growth Model (Question 1) and EPS (Question 2). 

Identify the effects of unemployment on crime?

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