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consider a Technician at KT Spares and workshop. The worker is required o disassemble the wheel from the wheel assembly, remove the old Tyre and store it permanently, replace it with the new Tyre after inspection and reassemble it to the wheel assembly and inspect. the technician spends minutes to remove wheel, 5 minutes to replace the Tyre, 4 minutes to fit the new Tyre and 6 Minutes to assemble the wheel. the company operates on one day shift per weekday except weekends for four weeks in a month. The Technician is paid a gross of $5000/ month at the current demand of one Tyre replacement every 15 minutes.


a) Calculate the labor productivity in units per month
b) Determine the number of vehicles queued at the end of the day and month
c) Is this business profitable if the tyre replacement is priced at $60/tyre and $45/tyre on overheads
What do we call when standard process/steps is missing in research ? Please explain.
Explain the variables that affect the components for aggregate demand to decrease. Explain in your own words how each of these variable affect the components and how aggregate demand change.
1) Is it possible for a country to have, simultaneously, a current account deficit along with a balance of payments surplus? Explain your answer with reference to the significance and meaning of each of the BOP accounts. Be sure to discuss the possible implications for official international reserve flows (i.e. the reserve portion of the financial account).

2) Explain the interest parity condition and how it can be used to determine the equilibrium exchange rate. A full verbal and graphical discussion is needed.
Consider a low-wage labor market. Workers in this market are not presently covered by the minimum wage, but the government is considering implementing such legislation. If implemented, this law would require employers in the market to pay workers a $5 hourly wage. Suppose all workers in the market are equally productive, the current market clearing wage rate is $4 per hour, and that at this market clearing wage there are 600 employed workers. Further suppose that under the minimum wage legislation, only 500 workers would be employed and 300 workers would be unemployed. Finally, assume that the market demand and supply schedules are linear and that the market reservation wage, the lowest wage at which any worker in the market would be willing to work, is $1.Compute the dollar value of the impact of the policy on a. Employers b.Workers c. Society as a whole.
Hello! I would have a question. Are budgetary and public organizations the same?
An equilibrium price is a stable price and must always be. Explain
If resources were in abundance would there be the study of economics?
the marriage between economics and mathematics has been dismal to say the least according to some proponents, but yet other proponents applaud this marriage as the marriage of the century.Propose your standpoint to this divide.
The marriage between economics and mathematics has been dismal to say the least according to some proponents but yet other proponents applaud this marriage as the marriage of the century. Propose your stand point to this divide.