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what are the two main types of advertising?
What affords government has taken to maintain more gross enrollment ratio and attendance ratio
what happens to monetary base(high powered money) when the public's spending increases during the festive periods?
Using a properly labelled diagram, explain the law of dimishing returns.
if p=12-3x is the demand function and A=2x is the average cost function of monopolist ,find the equilibrium output and price.find the maximum profit also
You are the new hired Business Development Manager for Company XYZ. The company wants to launch a new service product for diabetic management in the Manila market. You have the total budget as of $100,000 for this operation. Average price on market for the same product is $42 per member per month (revenue).
Operational expense cost project to be at 55%.
Calculate for ROI for 12 months with break even point
write a short note on the 3 stages of the development of economic ideas ,which are 1.Ancient stage. 2.Medieval period. 3.Modern stage
A farmer sold 100kg of wheat grains at ₹10/kg to a Miller . Miller converted it 100kg of wheat into 100kg of flour and sold it at ₹12/kg.find the production of miller
Explain with aid diagrams, the FIVE (5) categories of price elasticity of demand
2.1 Using well labelled diagrams, explain how the equilibrium price and equilibrium quantity of apples will change as a result of the following;
2.1.1 An increase in the supply of farm workers per day and how it will affect the market of apples.
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