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Julian wants to grow carrots and corn. He purchases a farm in a town called Daisyville. Daisyville is well connected to the nearest market by road and railways. Its good is one of the major reasons Julian chose Daisyville to start his business. Additionally, Daisyville has a favorable climate, fertile soil, and a good supply of skilled, unskilled, and experienced farm . This meant Daisyville would give Julian easy access to many required for an agricultural business. Reset Next
Arjan is an employee who is never on time for work or meetings. He has been issued several warning memos but in vain. The management is not able to take stringent action against him as he is very good at his work and is one of the top performers. As his reporting authority you still feel that he should respect time and be disciplined. From the different elements of reinforcement which one should his manager choose to get the desired behaviour? Conclude by giving why it (the one which you chose) is the best suited. (1000 words)
Suppose you paid $1,000 for a perpetuity bond that pays $40 a year. Suppose the interest rate drop fall to 1%. What would be the price of the bond if it continues to pay $40 a year?
The production function of a competitive firm is given by Q=10K^0.5L^0.5 And sells its output at the price of GHS2 per unit. Suppose the price of labour per hour is GHS10 and the cost of hiring a machine per hour is GHS20 and the operating budget for the firm is GHS10,000. a. Calculate the optimal levels of labour and capital usage.​ b. Is the firm experiencing abnormal profit, normal profit or loss? Assume it is operating in the short run.​​​​​​​ c. Based on your answer to B, should the firm continue to operate or shut down? Explain d. What is the total profit at the optimal levels of capital and labour usage?
“If the production of health care generated positive externalities, the welfare costs of moral hazard would be smaller than those suggested by M. Pauly’s analysis”
Lok Sabha in India is to discuss a key constitutional amendment, and there will be four rounds of voting. In each round of voting, assume that the ruling party has a 60% chance of winning, i.e. getting the resolution passed by majority vote. Further assuming that the voting rounds are independent of each other, what is the probability that: a. The ruling party will win 0 rounds, 1 round, 2 rounds, 3 rounds or all 4 rounds of voting? (5 Marks) b.The ruling party will win at least 1 round?
A firm has an MPL=(K^0.5)/(L^0.5). Given K=100, L=121, Wages = 10, price of output=2 1. Is the firm operating efficiently 2. What is the optional rate of labor
Following information is available in respect of a company named, as Beta Ltd Profit before taxesRs 50 lakhs, Dividend declared per share Rs2, Price of the share prevalent on stock exchange Rs 200, Applicable tax rate 35%,Share capital of company 5 lakh shares of Rs 10 each. Calculate-1)Earnings per share 2) Dividend Pay-out Ratio 3) Price earnings ratio Prepare the cash flow statement from investing activities of Alpha Creative Ltd for the year ended March31, 2019
Show an increase in demand for chocolate ice cream, explain the determinant you used to show this increase in demand. How would I show this on a graph?
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