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Discuss what the philippines must prioritize on its national economic agenda to obtain a real economic development?
Collect age and sex data of Kerala.

Step a) Collect age data by sex in five year age group from Census of India
Step b) Select 1991 and 2011
Step c) Compute dependency ratio. Construct age-sex pyramid based on percent distribution.
explain how a change in demand could affect the equilibrium price and quantity in the market
A certain amount of money doubles after 9 years. Determine its effective interest.
George has been selling 6,000 t-shirts per month for $8.00 when he increased the price to $10,00 he only sold 4,000 t-shirts . What is the best approximates the price elasticity of demand?

Minister of labor, Thulas Nxesi, has gazettes South Africa’s new minimum wage which will take effect from 1 March 2020. The gazette states that the new national minimum wage is R20.76- an increase of 3.8%. Provide a discussion on the welfare effect of the above, that illustrates the case for when the above results in unemployment in the market for domestic workers as well as a case for when the above have no effect on the market for domestic workers. Use a diagram to support ur discussion.

Halfway through the semester, due to some event in your life, you realize the "opportunity cost" of attending college has increases, are you more likely or less likely to continue attending college?
Explain the emergence of Marx’s materialism.

​It is a 30 Marks question. The subject is Economic Thought. Book used is History of Economic Thought by Lewis Haney. 850 words answer is needed by 25th September.
A certain instructor has been teaching statistics for many years. He knows that 70 percent of the students will complete their assignment. Amount those students, who will complete their assignment, he perceived that 80 percent will pass the course and also 60 percent of those who did not complete their assignment, will also pass the course. Mr. suah took statistics last semester under this instructor and received a passing grade. What is the probability that he complete his assignment? (Use Bayes’ Theorem)
Write short note on the following statistical terms and give at least on example for each:
Population b) Sample Space c) Sample d) Event e) independent event
f) Mutually exclusive and inclusive events g) Probability
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