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The bubble tea cafe wants to use advertisements in order to increase sales. They currently choosing between two advertising media : magazine ads and a youtube ad. The expected profit, in millions, is summarized in the two tables below profit probability 30 0.05 40 0.20 50 0.50 60 0.20 70 0.05 compute for the expected value each probability in each decision
1. The text discusses the Government’s “Ability to Coerce”. Describe why this is important and provide two examples of how/why this happens.
If Jan’s firm continues to grow, what recommendations would you make for future action? What else should she be thinking about doing to keep things moving smoothly? Be specific in your answer.
Many governments attempt to help farmers by reducing their production. How could this be in the interests of farmers?
Give three examples of the price ceiling and discuss its effects.
suppose the demand curve for a product is given as Qdx =300-2p+4 i, where i is income. The supply curve is Qs =3p-50 (a) if i =25, fine the market-clearing price (b) if i =50, fine the market-clearing price (c) present your results in a graphical diagram
Now that you have analyzed both sides of fiscal and monetary policy, it's time to create a debate for a television news show. Choose the information you compiled in either task 1 or task 2, and compose a script that meets these requirements: • Write 10 lines of dialogue each for two characters (20 dialogue lines in total). The dialogue must be economics related and relevant. . One character must take your viewpoint , and the other character must take the opposing viewpoint. • Script each character's rationale for why the specific action they believe in should be taken, • Include each character's main opposition to the opposing viewpoint . • Ensure that each character questions the other about points of perceived bias, with each character responding to the other's question.
He demanded and supply equetions for commodity Y are represented by D=20-1/6p S=18-1/8p Required given that equlibrum price and quantity for commodity Y in a price market.
Having economic data is good for historical knowledge, but it is also essential to attempt to predict future economic activity. Based on the information you found in task 1, compose a 200- to 300-word essay that predicts what you think will happen to the economy in the next year. Use at least five statistics you recorded in task 1 to justify your answer.
Evaluate the possible disadvantages of a free market approach to providing health care.
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