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Asssume the aggregate demand of an economy is rising at 3%, but its productive capacity is only rising at 2%. Discuss the type of inflation this would lead to. use a diagram to motivate your answer.
Some cities impose rent control laws, which are price controls or limits on the price of rental
accommodations (apartments, houses, and mobile homes). New York City alone had over two
million rent-controlled apartments in the early 1950s, but only about 27,000 as of 2014. Show
the effect of a rent control law on the equilibrium rental price and the quantity of N.Y. apartments.
Show the amount of excess demand on your supply-and-demand diagram.

At prices below the equilibrium price, the quantity demanded is ____ than the quantity suplied, and there is a(n)____ on the price.

Assume a world of two goods, beef and cars; and two countries South Africa and Botswana. Cars are capital intensive and Botswana is labour abundant. Assume the standard H-O assumptions hold. According to the Rybczynski theory, if labour doubles in Botswana how does production and consumption compare to pre- growth conditions in Botswana? Explain with the relevant diagram.

What is the role of education and training in the pursuit of economic
How were the periods between 1914 to 1918 in terms of trade and capital flows?
Reported free cash flow of 43.1 million and investment in operating capital of 26.1 million. Company incurred 14.0 million in depreciation expense and paid 29.7 million in taxes on EBIT. what is the EBIT ?

explain the kinked deman curve theory of an oligopoly. include in your aswer a discussion of a contempory oligopoly

he law that forbids the sale of human organs, but allows their voluntary donation. This means that there is a bigger shortage of kidneys than there otherwise would be. Does this fact alter your view of the law forbidding the sale of human organs? How about blood?
Q1)The following information is extracted from the National Income Accounts of an economy. Particulars Values Exports of goods and services 130
Depreciation 525
Government expenditure 450
Gross domestic investment 750
Imports of goods and services 135
Personal consumption expenditure 27, 500
Find the value of net domestic product
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