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prepare cash fllow staement from investing activities of alpha creative ltd. plant acruired 160,000 claim recived for loss of plant in fire 45,500 unsecured loans given to subsidaries 5,95,000 invest on loan recived from subsidairy companies also given resons for the classification of above activities as inflow/outflow
3. The profit function for a company is given by the following nonlinear equation: P(x) = 4x2 – 200x − 25000 where P is the profit in dollars and x is the number of units sold. 3.1.1. Find the profit when 600 units are sold. (1 mark) 3.1.2. Determine the break-even level for this company. (3 marks)
The linear profit equation for a company that sells customized furniture is
A company is considering an investment proposal to install new milling controls. The project will cost Kes50,000. The facility has a life expectancy of five years and no salvage value. The company’s tax rate is 40%. The estimated cash flows from the proposed investment proposal are as follows: Year CF 1 10,000 2 11,000 3 14,000 4 15,000 5 25,000 Compute: a. Accounting Rate of Return and advise management if the required rate of return is 6 % b. Traditional Payback period and advise management on the feasibility of the project c. Discounted payback period at 6% discounting factor d. Net present value at 6% discounting factor and advise management on the project’s feasibility e. Net present value at 15% discounting factor and advise management on the project’s feasibility f. Internal rate of return and explain its significance to the firm g. Profitability Index at 10% discounting factor
What is the formula to calculate WDV of an asset ?
Wildcat Ltd, a manufacturing company sold a machinery for Rs 8 lacs at the year end. The company had purchased the machinery four years back for Rs 15 lacs and had depreciated the same using written down value method of depreciation @ 20%. As an accounts executive of Wildcat Ltd, calculate the WDV of the asset for the four years, accumulated depreciation for four years and profit/loss on sale, if any.
The 3,000, 6% Redeenmable Preference Shares of R100 each, fully paid of XxY Ltd. were due for redemption on 30 - 06-18 at a premium of 5%. The company made an issue of 2,000 Equity Shares of T 100 each at a premium of 20% on the above mentioned date. The issue was immediately subscribed and paid for. Expenses of issue of the shares came toR 10,000. The General Reserve and P/L had balance of 3,50,000 and { 60,000 on 30 - 06-18. The redemption was carried out, holders of 500 shares not being traceable. A bonus issue of 3,00,000 in the form of fully paid equity shares was made. Show the journal as summing that revenue reserve or surplus is to be used to the minimum extent possible. (Amount transfe;red to C. R. R. Account 1,00,000)
George’s T-Shirt Shop produces 5,000 custom printed T-shirts per month. George’s fixed costs are $15,000 per month. The marginal cost per T-shirt is a constant $4. What is his break-even price? What would be George’s break-even price if he were to sell 50% more shirts?
You and two friends of yours decided to handle the supply of vegetables to the shops of the city and created a limited liability company. Your friends have invested in the case 5 thousand euro each and you gave the company the right to use your personal car for one year. The car costs 4 thousand euro, you estimated your contribution in the form of the rights of use as agreed with the partners at 7 thousand euro. You have successfully completed the year of work. At your disposal 1800 euro of profit after accounting all costs. How will you share profit between partners?
Provide a list of the payments that will need to be remitted to external parties at various frequency levels throughout the year as part of payroll system.
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