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Discuss the way that saving is taxed under an income tax and consuption tax.which is more efficint ? why?which is more equitable ?why?
What are the eight member standards for successful budget negotiating procedures?
What accounting standard is relevant to the presentation of financial statements including budgets?
explain the involvement of operational staff in the consultative processes for advising on cost information when formulating budgets and the implications for expense in the organization
laundry processed 120 kg & is expected to grow to 132 kg. This growth will continue at the same percentage rate for next 7years . Currently hospital , is considering two options, the purchase of machine A or the rental of machine B. given information: Machine A – purchase Annual capacity £180 Material cost per kilogram £2 Labour cost per kilogram £3 Fixed costs per annum £20 Life of machine 3 years Capital cost £60 Depreciation per annum £20 Machine B – rent Annual capacity (kilograms) £170 Material cost per kilogram £1.8 Labour cost per kilogram £3.4 Fixed costs per annum £18 Rental per annum £20 Rental agreement 3 years Depreciation per annum nil 1. The hospital is able to call on an outside laundry if there is either a breakdown. The charge would be £10 per kilogram of washing. 3. Machine A will have no residual value at any time. 4. Present machine can be sold £10 cash 6. discount rate is 15%. (a) evaluate the two options for operating the laundry, using discounted cash flow techniques;

Mr Zoo is planning to set up a mini Zoo in Howick.

The following relates to different pricing plans of visiting the zoo and costs of running the zoo.

Pricing Plan 1 - $30 per person (a special pack will be included)
Pricing Plan 2 - $25 per visitor (the special pack not to be included)

Variable Costs per visitor

Special Pack - $8
Zoo Consumables - $7
Zoo Expenses - $2

Total Fixed Costs - $200,000

REQUIRED: Study the information above then answer the following questions.

Using the CVP formula, calculate the number of units (and its dollar amount) for achieving
A profit of $30,000 for both plans.
Calculate the Contribution Margin ratio for both plans.
Describe the meaning of Contribution Margin ratio.
Explain the relationship between Contribution Margin ratio and Number of Breakeven units.
Explain why it is important to calculate Margin of Safety.
Differences between cash, revenue and expenditure. Provide an example of each category and which budget/s it is relevant to preparing.
Describe the role that performance indicators could have achieving organisational success and compliance with organisational internal controls.

What role does the ASX play in assisting corporate governance in Australia?

Is consultation always necessary before the timetables for the implementation of corporate governance requirements are developed?
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