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How to calculate Year over Year growth rate for non-yearly data? for example how to calculate US Q4 you GDP growth rate?
Having to do with tourism in New Zealand Vs. Tourism in Australia.
What Factors of production of the germane resources in each country were different in 2009 as compared to 2013?
A countrys long run equilibrium price level has increased, but the position of its aggregate demand schedule has not changed. What has happened and what factors could have caused this
what if I said I wanted to create a destination? How would we approach that?
Keeping up a city is a very good way to make it appealing. Would you be in favor of annexation to grow the city and its tax base and useable land to draw new companies in to increase employment, expand demand and increase the tax base? What sort of costs might that entail?
Consumers suddenly become more concerned about environment.
Supply or demand?
Increase or decrease?
Consumers expect car prices to rise in the near future.
Supply or demand?
Increase or decrease?
Producers expect car prices to rise in the near future. Is this supply or demand?
A flourishing economy increases consumers’ incomes. supply or demand?
Ÿ Households save 12% of their total income Ÿ Investment is given by� = 3500 − 10000�
Ÿ The tax rate is 20% Ÿ The real interest rate is 4% (r=0.4)
Ÿ Government expenditures are 2500
Ÿ Exports are 1900
Ÿ The import rate is 18%
a. Calculate the numerical value of the following and put your answer. You can show the
graph if you are able to draw using programs.
• Current level of investment
• Equilibrium aggregate demand
• Equilibrium personal saving
• The government budget surplus or deficit (indicate which) in equilibrium
• The change in equilibrium aggregate demand if the real interest rate rise to 8%
Ineffectiveness of fiscal policy under flexible exchange rate