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Examine the progress of Indian economy towards globalisation in the post reform years . comment on the slow pace of progress on globalisation and identify the major reasons.
a. In a world with two large economies, what determines the world real interest rate?

b. what relationship between the current accounts of the two countries is satisfied when the world real interest rate is at its equilibrium valve?
Briefly describe what would happen to the current accounts if a small open economy experiences an increase in the expected future marginal product of capital?
If an economy's output exceeds its absorption, what implication does that have on net exports?
Explain the implications and short comings of the kinked demand curve in an oligopolistic market.
1. In 2012 a study published from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that the fiscal
multiplier for the periphery of Eurozone was roughly equal to 0.5. One year later, IMF
recognised its mistake reporting that the fiscal multiplier was approximately equal to 1.7.
Explaining what the fiscal multiplier is, discuss the above statement.
2.3 Suppose that you are the managing director of a firm that supplies three goods: laptops, USB drives and external hard drives. The price elasticity of the demand for laptops is 2.0; for USB drives it is 1, 00; and for external hard drives it is 0, 53. The firm is experiencing serious cash flow problems and you have to increase total revenue as soon as possible. You are in a position to set the prices for these goods. What would be your pricing strategy for each product? Motivate your decisions
Suppose that for a two sector model, the marginal propensity to consume (mpc) is 90%. What is the induced consumption expenditure equal to ?
Using properly labelled diagrams illustrate what will happen to the equilibrium price and quantity of muesli (ceteris paribus), in the following scenarios;
1. Research has shown that muesli is good for the heart;
2. The ongoing drought has affected grain (one of the ingredients for muesli) production.
Currency held by the public is part of what?