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Mark’s preferences over two goods are given by the following utility function
U(x1,x2) = x1x2 + 2x1
and his financial resources are unlimited. The prices in the market are P1 = €4 and P2 = €2.
a) Does one observe that “more is better” in the case of each good?
b) In the case of each good, how does marginal utility behave as consumption increases?
c) What are the optimal quantities that Mark should consume? Comment.
d) If one were to limit Mark’s financial resources to income I (a finite amount), how much
would he spend in total?
Which of the following directly influence the level of demand for exports?

1.The level of domestic national income
2.The level of domestic national income, and the level of national income in other countries
3.The level of domestic national income, and the exchange rate
4.The level of national income in other countries, and the exchange rate
5.The level of domestic national income, the level of national income in other countries, and the exchange rates
Which of the following would not be expected to lead to an increase in consumption and why?

A. A fall in the cost of servicing debt
B. An increase in disposable income
C. An increase in income tax that affects disposable income
D. A rise in expectations of future income
E. A loosening of credit restrictions that allows consumption smoothing
Explain how the theory of the Phillips curve can be used to explain why it is often thought that a low level of unemployment makes an inflationary outburst inevitable.
What is price rigidity in short with exam write
If investment demand falls and multiplier is strong how big is the fall in equilibrium output?
what are the positive and/or negative impact of Brexit on the aggregate demand of UK nowadays and when Brexit occurs.
what is the role of hyperbola in economics and basics???
Fiscal policy objectives in South Africa
report on the possible effects of the El Nina, which is likely to bring unusually good weather and bumper crops for most of India in 2013. However, 2014 is expected to be a bad year for agriculture with the El Nino coming back with a vengeance. What could be the short-run and long-run effects on output and prices? Explain using the AS-AD framework.