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Assume that banks hold no excess reserves, and the public holds no currency. If a
customer deposits$10,000 in Bank A,
(i) Explain what happens to Bank A (initially) and two additional steps in the
deposit expansion process, assuming a 5 % reserve requirement.
(ii) When will the money creation process end? Explain. 3marks
(iii) How much do deposits and loans increase for the banking system when
the process is completed? 3marks
(iv) What is the impact, if any, on the level of reserves and the monetary base?
(v) Use a T-account to show the banking system in equilibrium.
(vi) If the required reserve ratio remains 5% but the banking system now
holds excess reserves of 5%, calculate the money multiplier and explain
the impact of excess reserves on the money creation process
calculate disposable personal income given the following data for hypothetical country
Derive the conditions for steady state in Solow model in an economy. What is the significance of decreasing returns in the Solow model ?
How does ending nationally negotiated wage rates encourage industrial expansion in regions of high unemployment?
If a new home can be constructed for $150,000, what is the opportunity cost of federal defense spending, measured in terms of private housing? (Assume a defense budget of $700 billion.)
Instructions: Enter your response rounded to one decimal place.
Suppose you have two part time jobs, babysitting and pizza delivery. After younger babysitters start working for less, babysitting clients only pay $8 instead of $10 per hour. What happens to your supply of hours for delivering pizzas? explain.
. Describe the performance of the U.S. economy during President Obama’s two terms in office as it relates to economic growth. What are the consequences if the new normal growth rate is significantly lower than the trend rate of growth that the U.S. economy experienced in the 20th century? Gather relevant economic statistics, such as the growth rate of real GDP, that have been introduced in this course to support your case
Suppose the market for loanable funds is in equilibrium. If disposable income increases, the equilibrium real interest rate ________ and the equilibrium quantity of loanable funds ________.

short note on nominal rigidity in wage rate and prices.
4. Which of the following is/are true about inflation?
a) The reason for demand-pull inflation is that the demand expansion leads to the total demand curve shifting to the right.
b) The reason for demand-pull inflation is that rising cost of production makes the aggregate supply curve shift to the left
c) The reason for cost-push inflation is that demand expansion leads to the total demand curve shifting to the right.
d) The reason of cost-push inflation is that rising cost of production makes the aggregate supply curve shift to the left.