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Question #4253
The reaction between potassium chlorate and red phosphorus is highly exothermic and takes place when you strike a match on a matchbox. If you were to react 52.9 g of potassium chlorate (KCl03) with red phosphorus, how many grams of tetraphosphorus decaoxide (P4010) would be produced?
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Assignment Expert
29.03.12, 17:12

You are welcome

28.03.12, 00:43

thank you so much for your help! unfortunatley, i no longer need the help with this problem because I already turned in the assignment seeing as this question was asked over a month ago. i appreciate your time, though.

09.11.11, 01:38

First you balance the equation 10 KClO3+ 3 P4 --> 3 P4O10 + 10 KCl Then you convert 52.9 g KClO3 to moles by multiplying it by (1 mole KClO3 / 122.55 g/mol) = .431 mol KClO3 Multiple by mole ratio : .431 mol KClO3 x (3/10)= .129 mol P4O10 produced Convert to grams .129 x 284 g/mol= 36.63 g of P4O10

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