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Question #177442

Amanda is watching a fireworks display with her father. She loves watching the different colors of light as the fireworks explode in the air. Most things that give off light give off energy in what other form as well?

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Notably, light as a form of energy normally travels via waves. The wavelengths of different lights explains several properties of light. In this regard, the length of the wave determines it's color and rate of it's interaction with the matter. Light spectrum is the wavelengths range from short to infinitely long waves as the light rediates.

Formally, light is referred to as electromagnetic radiation. Properties of light are; light can travel in a vacuum, move at a constant speed, and color of light is determined by wavelength.

Various objects emit light that give off energy. Majorly, fireworks are one of the forms that emit light and energy. The bright and colorful fireworks parts displays is as result of excited electrons of various metals and salt compounds. Besides, the compounds compose of littles balls called stars made of similar compounds which cause sparkling. Use of different types of metals cause different types of colors, eg. a copper metal will emit blue-green color.

Other forms that gives off light and energy include radio waves, microwaves, sun, people, etc. During the day, the sun emits alot of radiation in wavelengths that normally span from X-rays to infrared. Notably, the sun gives a bigger percentage of energy that earthly life requires.

In addition, people normally emit small bits of infrared light which is known as heat. On the other hand, objects such as microwaves gives off light. For instance, most things are basically transparent ti microwaves, however, objects that contain water absorb microwaves allowing them penetrate into the center of a potato in order to uniformly heat it.

Also, radio waves emit light as well. The light normally belong very far beyond red light in the electromagnetic spectrum. Light travels in a straight line, for example, television and FM radio stations must ensure their antena face the broadcast tower.

In conclusion, it is important to note that some lights have health effects and thus dangerous eg. sunlight. However, there are claims that microwaves, cell phones and power lines has got health effects, but physicists go sceptical about this.

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