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Question #52099
51 The running variable of the FOR-TO statement will be incremented by 1 unless otherwise specified by a _____ clause (a) RUN (b) STEP (c) EXECUTE (d) WAIT 52 ___ is valid numeric-variable names (a) A4 (b) C$ (c) BB (d) All of the above 53 ON-GOTO statements allows many _______ or alternative paths? (a) Tree (b) Chart (c) Loop (d) None of the above 54 Standard _______ alphabet are the alphabetic characters used in BASIC (a) Roman (b) Latin (c) French (d) None of the above 55 There are ___ ways to refer to a numeric value, in the BASIC language (a) Six (b) Four (c) Five (d) Two 56 Transfer of control instructions are of __ types (a) two (b) three (c) five (d) six 57 Finding and correcting mistakes and errors that prevent the program from running and producing correct output is called ______ (a) Correcting (b) debugging (c) Defragmentation (d) Cleaning 58 The INPUT statement uses Variable names without ______ (a) Intructions (b) Codes (c) Values (d) None of te above 59 Conditional transfer instructions are used to branch or change the sequence of program control, depending on the outcome of the __________ (a) Directive (b) Execution (c) comparison (d) Instructions 60 Study the following statement: 80 ON A GOTO 50, 70, 70, 40, 90. What integer value of X will cause control to be transferred to statement number 90? (a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 3(d) none of the above
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