Answer to Question #52095 in Visual Basic for Paul

Question #52095
21 _________ statements allows many branches or alternative paths? (a) FOR-GO (b)IF-GO(c) ON-GOTO (d) ON
22 As many as _______ separate numeric functions can be defined in a single program (a) 11 (b) 26(c) 121 (d) 20
23 The test data for testing a program should include _______ categories of data (a)(b)(c)(d)
(a) One (b) Two (c) Three (d) Four
24 When a _________ is used at the end of a PRINT statement, the information contained in the next PRINT statement is continued on the same line (a) semicolon (b) colon (c) comma (d) any of the above
25 _______ statement numbers Ranges from 1 to 99999 (a) BASIC (b) VARIABLE (c) NUMERIC (d) All of the above
26 The REMARK statement is a ________ statement. (a) Direct (b) Executable (c) Non-executable (d) Important
27 The ______ character set is divided into Three categories (a) BASIC (b) VARIABLE (c) CONSTANT (d) none of the above
28 System flow chart shows the relationship of numerous jobs that makeup an entire ________ (a) Program flowchart (b) Network (c) Computer (d) System
29 When representing very large numbers _____ notation is used (a) Z (b) X (c) A & B (d) none of the above
30 The pointer to the top of the data list is reset using the which of the following statements? (a) DELETE (b) REMOVE (c) RESET (d) None of the above
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