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Question #52098
41 Which of the following statements is used to indicate to the compiler (interpreter) that there are no more BASIC statements for it to translate? (a) RETURN (b) END (c) STOP (d) all of the above 42 _______ is a complete set of statements to solve a problem (a) Code (b) Flowchart (c) Program (d) Direction 43 The results of computations done in a _________ statement are not stored in the computer’s memory (a) LET (b) PRINT (c) COMPUTE (d) PRINT USING 44 _________ of data in DATA statements is ignored by the computer (a) excess (b) insufficiency (c) none availability (d) all of the above 45 In which of the following is subscripted variables not permitted as arguments in its definition (a) subroutine (b) array (c) function (d) all of the above 46 If there are parentheses inside parentheses, the operations inside the __________ pair are performed first (a) outer (b) inner (c) any (d) all of the above 47 The test data for testing a program should include _______ categories of data. (a) six (b) four (c) three (d) two 48 Which of the following statements is used in conjunction with the DATA statement? (a) INPUT (b) LET (c) PRINT (d) READ 49 ___ is valid numeric-variable names (a) B$ (b) C5 (c) V (d) 8! 50 You may delete a line by typing the command DELETE and the _________ (a) instruction (b) entire line (c) line number (d) any of the above
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