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Question #204124

State briefly five reasons why it is pertinent for political science students to study the course – principles of public administration, citing at least five different scholars

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According to the BLS, there will be a huge labor vacuum created by the retirement of an entire generation of public managers. The demand for public administration professions is expected to increase consistently until 2022.

These employees have significant administrative and management responsibilities and earn $86,000 annually. Other MPA holders may work in urban and regional planning, which pays $69,000 annually.

In addition to excellent health advantages, studying public administration offers a secure and fulfilling job. This is excellent news for students seeking to start their public administration study online.

Many MPAs work as administrative service managers in local, state, and federal government. They plan, direct, and coordinate the organization's or department's support services. Their duties vary but typically include managing buildings, departments and overseeing public sector services and operations.

Interestingly, the pay for administrative service managers in the private sector varies:

97k in finance and insurance

95,000$ for S&P&T

Government: $87,000

Education: $82,000

80k for health and social services

Many Opportunities for Growth

Unique possibilities await individuals with a degree in public administration and the desire and determination to pursue them. Jobs like town manager, city planner, and program analyst are attractive to public administrators because they require them to use their leadership skills: doing extensive research, establishing contacts, coordinating teams, and overseeing policies that significantly impact. Success in one of these roles may lead to a bid for mayor or another influential post.

If you studied public administration or public policy in college, you learned about government operations and the political process. However, you did not get significant training in managing employees and finances, which is essential for upper-level managers and administrators in government.

To help you succeed in your MPA degree, you will learn about the various difficulties of managing money and human resources in the public sector. Your MPA will prepare you for political leadership, much as an MBA prepares a business professional for corporate leadership.

Graduates of the program have options ranging from non-profit organizations to the entertainment business. A degree in public administration may significantly impact many fields, which is immensely appreciated.

Make a Difference

At any level of government, a public administrator has the power to alter policies and programs designed to benefit the public. While the position is not without difficulties, a public administrator's choices can concurrently impact many lives. It may take years to address these problems, but when they are, the feeling of personal achievement will be tremendous.

This specialty prepares you for management and analytical roles in all public sector companies—ideal for administrative positions in federal, state, and municipal government.

This specialization prepares you for a leadership position in organizations that address poverty, housing, and neighborhood planning. This is a decent route for an MPA who wants to work in government but not always.

Emergency Management: You will be prepared to engage with communities, governments, and public agencies. You'll help prepare for, respond to, recover from, and prevent emergencies like natural disasters and terrorism.

Healthcare Policy: For individuals seeking administrative and management positions in healthcare. Identify, implement and evaluate successful health policies at local, state, and federal levels.

Public administration professionals may work in a variety of fields and on a variety of problems. A career in public administration allows you to work in a variety of sectors and make an impact in society. Today's most popular public administration topics include:

Climate change impacts

Securing food and water in developing countries

significant illnesses in disadvantaged populations

US defense against terrorism and bioterrorism

helping ex-offenders reintegrate and become productive citizens

The Opioid Epi

Good education and health treatment for the needy

These are just a few of the problems you may address as a public administrator.

Flexibility and Stability

For some, online learning is a novel idea, but for many students today, it is invigorating. Some students prefer a conventional classroom with an active and engaged lecturer. Others like the intimacy of online education. Students who are self-motivated and can keep up with homework will enjoy the independence and flexibility of online study.

An online course allows students to work when and where they choose. Students may work from home or at their favorite coffee shop. It's simple to understand why online courses are becoming increasingly popular.

Working in the public sector, particularly in government organizations, also ensures employment stability. Most government employees have excellent job security once hired. There are fewer public employees today than a decade ago, yet this is deceptive.

Some senior workers remained to work after the recession, which may have lowered government employment statistics. But the government's need for public administrators grows. If you work for the state or federal government, your employment is generally well safeguarded so that you won't be out of work during a recession.

Lower Cost

Learning online may often be much less expensive, thanks to digital resources available for students to download. The cost of supplies and other significant expenditures, such as books (particularly if the newest editions are needed), maybe prohibitive if students cannot locate secondhand copies for sale. That's not to suggest online classes don't need textbooks; instructors often opt for downloaded resources.

Remember that taking online courses from the convenience of one's home may reduce certain expenses. Online students no longer have to worry about housing and board, campus food plans, or commute costs.


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