Answer to Question #201669 in Political Science for Dawuda Hamda

Question #201669

1. Why do countries across the world continue to pursue democratic system of government

2. With practical examples from Ghana, discuss the disadvantages associate with a democratic system of government.

Expert's answer

1.Democracy as per the words of Abraham Lincoln is government of the people, by the people, for the people. Countries across the world continue to pursue democracy because it plays a vital key role in civilization, assisting in the transformation of the world from power structures of monarchy, empire as well as conquest into popular rule, self-determination, and peaceful co-existence. For a successful development to be realized, democratic values are essential. Countries across the globe go for democratic systems since it is accountable to the citizens, it protect their individual rights hence they can undertake their civic duties freely hence strengthening the society. Throughout the world, nations are embracing democracy since it allows for citizen’s participation in political process.

2.Ghana is considered to embrace resilient democracy and it has come with its disadvantages to the country. Firstly, it lacks efficiency since all political policies requires to be debated on until all parties agrees on it before its implementation hence resulting in delays in the implementation of vital legislation. Though with abundance of natural resources like bauxite, gold and silver, its extraction has been a challenge due to lack of political will from leaders to formulate policies of extraction.

Secondly, democracy is prone to obstruction since all things require to be debated on and some people may derail a good policy for individual benefits. A good policy of sanitation in Ghana has been derailed while most villagers and towns lack basic sanitations.

Lastly, democracy in Ghana has proven to be expensive and the country is not able to supply electricity in the big cities. Most communities in Ghana are yet to benefit from the national grid since democracy needs a lot of funds to run it hence priorities are given to other sectors and neglecting the basic one.

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