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The term criminology was first used by

With reference to the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979 and the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 determine whether a legal practitioner can be both an attorney and an advocate.

Lilly and Betty are partners in an auditing firm. Their partnership agreement stipulates that only Lilly may contract on behalf of the partnership. Betty purchase a yacht on behalf of the partnership.

which statement is correct?

  1. the partnership will be bound to the contract to put hands regardless of whether Lilly gave her consent, in terms of the principle of mutual mandate
  2. the partnership will be bound to all contracts concluded in the name of the partnership because it has a separate juristic personality
  3. the partnership will be bound to the contract to purchase the yacht only if Lilly gives her consent
  4. the partnership cannot be bound, because the doctrine of constructive notice applies in partnerships

In Which century did British occupation of the Cape take place?

Law can be defined as

Clara Hammond persuaded her daughter, Never-Do-Well to give up her secretarial work and read BSc (Accounting Option) at Ghana Communication Technology University by promising to pay her GH¢1,500 maintenance fee per month. After the daughter had begun the course, the mother bought a house at Tesano, so that the daughter could live there rent-free. Eventually, after the daughter had had more than three unsuccessful attempt at passing business law examinations, the mother and daughter fell out. The mother sought to gain possession of the house, and the daughter refused. Advise Clara Hammond and Never-Do-Well

In which one of the following decisions did the Constitutional Court hold that the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights are also deeply rooted in the values of the South African community itself, and that ubuntu is the source of African values?

(1) S v Makwanyane and another

(2) Harris v Minister of the Interior

(3) Hendricks v Hendricks and others

(4) Pearl Assurance Co v Government of the Union of South Africa 

Determine the correct chronological order in which the following human rights documents were adopted. Which one of these was implemented the most recently?

(1) The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

(2) The American Declaration of Independence

(3) The African Charter on Human and People’s Rights

(4) The Constitution of France established after the French Revolution

Which one of the following approaches to the principle of constitutionalism applied in terms of the Constitution of the Union of South Africa?

(1) Complete denial of constitutionalism

(2) Partial recognition of constitutionalism

(3) Full recognition of constitutionalism

(4) None of the above

In its report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission found that our courts’ inability to take a stand against the onslaught of apartheid legislation was due to various factors. Which one of the following was not listed as a factor?

(1) The principle that judges could only administer law and not create it

(2) The doctrine of parliamentary sovereignty

3) Legal positivism

(4) The application of Roman-Dutch law

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