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Explain the Constitutional necessity and importance of the following Congressional Committees and provide examples of their activities where possible: House Ways & Means, House Judiciary Committee, Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.
with the aid of at most four relevant cases ,extensively discuss how south African courts have interpreted section 76 (33)b of the campanies act 71 of 2008 using primary rules ,secondary and tertiary aids of statutory interpretation in ascertaining the intention of the legislator
What is the WHS legislation for your state and the regulatory authority?

My state is vic
What is the constitutional basis for the Miranda rule?
What two things are necessary for the Miranda rule to apply?
Are warnings required during routine traffic stops?
During Terry stops? Explain why or why not.
Who besides police officers are required to give Miranda warnings?
What does a suspect have to do to invoke his or her Miranda rights?
What is derivative evidence? Give several examples.
What is the corpus delicti requirement?
Expound on the effect of misrepresentations and mistakes in contractual undertakings.
Explain the impact of the urban planning on the environment and its way
commercial law - discuss the requirement of duress
Loius had heard about the changes to the companies Act 2008, specifically the changes to the different type of companies, he has asked you to discuss the two different categories of companies that exist and which companies fall into them, advise louis
S Tax Court is part of which one of the following levels of federal courts?

Special Court

District Court

Supreme Court

Courts of Appeal
advise sizwe on whether he has any recourse in terms of The Promotion of Administrative Justice Act No 3 of 2000. you are required to discuss what is meant by administrative action and when is such action subject to review
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