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I will love to have a detailed plan on the forces of law and other in the management of crisis,in 2 parts and 4 chapters.thanks
please I need a detailed plan on the forces of law and order in the managements of riots
Explain the alteration of capital
Explain five circumstances when shares may be issued at a discount.
Explain three ways in which a company may raise capital.
Discuss the rules relating to appointment and vacation of office of directors.

Mr and Mrs Sithole were married out of community of property with application of the accrual system in 2004. Mr Sithole is an engineer and Mrs Sithole is a housewife who looks after the parties’ children. Mr Sithole has turned into a fanatic gambler. He spends most of his income on his gambling and he has also built up large gambling debts. In an effort to pay his gambling debts he has started selling his assets without consulting Mrs Sithole. Mrs Sithole has no assets of her own. When she discovers that assets are disappearing from the matrimonial home she confronts Mr Sithole. Mr Sithole tells Mrs Stihole that it is none of her business what he does with his own assets.
Advise Mrs Sithole on whether she just has to accept what is happening or whether there are any statutory steps she can take to protect her interests. Fully explain and substantiate your answer. In a separate last paragraph also list the common-law remedies that might be available to Mrs Sithole in the circumstances.
what are the three elements of Sampson and Laub's age-graded life course theory?
§ Assignment 7.1 Element Identification Assignment (pg. 359)

a. Rule 200. Parties to a child custody dispute shall attempt mediation before seeking a custody order from the court.
Hello! I need basic information on Indian legal system: Where & how it was developed, where it is used nowadays, geographical distribution, main charasteristics esp. special rules affecting everyday life or business.