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Identify internal and external security measures in correctional centre
Distinguish between ‘negative option marketing’ and ‘bait marketing’for the
purposes of the Consumer Protection Act, 2008.
Explain the following statement: “All legal professionals must act ethically.”

1. What are external and internal security?.

2. How to maintain external and internal security as a correctional official?.

According to the legal practice act 28 of 2014, what are the consequences when a legal practitioner acts numerically?
Explain the following statement: "all legal professionals must act ethically."
Mr Khumalo and Mr venter been neighbors for some time. However, Mr Khumalo recently installed a gutter system that causes water to flow right into Mr venter's garden, damaging his plants. This is a nuisance to Mr venter's and makes life very unpleasant for him, as he is a an avid gardener. Explain what the relationship is between the law and two property owners real rights of ownership.

The theory that states everyone has the ability to be a criminal

Why company law is a stronghold unit compared to others

It is uneconomical to repair Marupine Sape's Mazda 6 sedan after it was involved in a road accident collision at Khwadu Mountain Pass. However, he is entitled to claim R68 000.00 from the pre-accident value of the motor vehicle, which was estimated at R100 000.00.

How much is the salvage value of the wreck?

(1) R168 000.00
(2) R68 000.00
(3) R32 000.00
(4) R100 000.00
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