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Arisa recently acquired the following items and now seeks your advice about any remedies she might have. Ascertain the validity contract of goods and its effect for below.
(a)A plasma television set bought from a Living Home store for which she paid RM 900. The TV never worked but because of the pressures of work she only managed to return it to the store 6 months later.
Pick an organization and then choose a particular type of COI that is associated with this type of organization. Sustainability-related COIs are especially encouraged.
Locate and describe any laws that are designed to discourage or prevent this type of COI in your country. If there are no laws particular to the type of COI you chose, discuss why this is the case.
Locate examples of organizational policies used to also discourage the particular COI and discuss how the main features of the policy around the particular COI.
Discuss ways that managers can use both policy and the existing laws in your home country to discourage employees seeking their own interests over that of the employer.
In your estimation, do laws and policies help promote ethical behaviour? Do you feel that the laws, as they are currently, are sufficient and effective?
describe the security measures that the correctional centre will have to implement if Mr x were to be detained in correctional centre

Then discuss the security measures that the correctional centre would have to implement if Mr X were to be detained in a correctional centre

discuss the security measures that the correctional centre would have to implement if it were to be detained in a correctional Centre.  

James, who owned a rare antique clock offered to sell it to his friend Peter. The offer was 

made through a letter dated 10 August 2019, which was posted on the same day. The letter 

expressly stated that the offer was only open until 20 August 2019. Peter received the letter 

on 14 August 2019 and immediately posted his letter of acceptance to James .

Due to a postal delay, this letter reached James only on 22 August 2019. Meanwhile, on 21 

August 2019, James, not having heard from Peter, sold the antique clock to Sarah.

Advise Peter:

(a) whether he can successfully sue James for breach of contract; and (15 marks)

Discuss internal security and external security measures in a correctional centre
How can the functionaries incorporate the principles of Ubuntu
The aim of examination in chief is to __________ your case as convincingly as possible
Find the case if Soobramoney v Minister of health, kwazulu natal 1997 BCLR 1696 (CC) THEN state the facts of this case, legal question and decision of the court
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