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Mrs Rimsha has agreed to provide 100 ladies dresses to Mrs Sana in two batches. She has already provided 50
dresses to her but have not received the payment yet for them.
a. Mrs Rimsha can exercise her Right
to lien. Answer as YES OR No?
b. Give reason to support your answer in a part
Mullroy has complained to the local police about the vandalism in his neighborhood. However, the police have taken little interest in curbing the vandalism, much to Mullroy's disappointment. Determined to resolve the problem, Mullroy invites the local sheriff to his daughter's birthday party and offers him free weekend dinners at Mullroy's family restaurant if the sheriff promises to look into the vandalism problem. Discuss the nature of consideration and contract in this case.
If you had the power, what would you want our Congress to get more involved in when it comes to foreign policy?

Do you think it is possible to find a balance between justice and implementation of Ubuntu and it is inherent ideas of rehabilitative justice?

How are contracts between merchants different from contracts between “regular” people? Why do you think merchants are treated differently?
Andy and Jonathan, two eight-year-old boys, travel about two kilometers to school
on their bicycles every day. Andy’s bicycle has broken down and he has
consequently missed several classes. Jonathan has two bicycles and he is willing
to sell one to his friend Andy. Jonathan and Mr. Smith, Andy’s father, agree that
Jonathan will sell one of his bicycles to Andy and that Andy will give R500 to
Jonathan in full exchange.
Discuss whether the above scenario complies with all the requirements for the
formation of a valid contract.
What would you do if someone was being disrespectful towards you / others?
Siyanda is upset and returns to Pongola. She allows Andile to sublease, part of the house they
were renting from Jim to a new student called Spa. Shortly thereafter, Spa stops paying the rent
and Andile is unable to trace him. Spa the sub lessee, claims he paid his rent and is up to date with
payment. He refuses to pay Andile.
Advise Andile as to her rights including any right to seize the goods on the premises which belongs
to Spa.
To help keep the park clean, the sanitation department has placed trash barrels throughout the park. The department drives trash trucks to collect the trash. Does the law apply to the department? Why or why not?
1. John is a government lawyer. To avoid being late for an important meeting, he drives his personal car through the park on a paved street. A police officer gives John a ticket for violating the city’s law. How does the law affect John? Can and/or should John have the right to drive through the park? Why or why not?
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