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Tatenda works for Afri-media and hosts a bi-weekly podcast talk show that tackles topical afro-centric issues. Lately she has been enjoying a rapid growth in listenership and popularity and decides to quit and breakout on her own. A week into her own show “Tate Unplugged” she is served with an order requesting her to immediately stop broadcasting her talk show as she is violating her restraint f trade clause with Afri-media. Having not read the fine print on her previous contract, she approaches you for advice on whether this “so called clause” is enforceable and whether or not it is constitutional
Which of the following is not a Statutory estate recognized under Texas Law?
a. Community property
b. Patent Rights
c. Water Rights
d. Homestead

Which of the following is not required In a forcible entry and detainer suit (eviction)?
a. A written notice to vacate within three days is required before bringing action for eviction
b. Only the owner of the property may file for eviction
c. Eviction proceedings focused only on the issue of possession
d. Eviction is heard in the Justice of the Peace Court.
In a case of non-conforming machines that were delivered, if the buyer cured the non-conformity at its own expenses, the buyer may successfully seek money damages from the seller for the repair expenses as well as any losses the buyer’s business suffered due to the non-conforming machines regardless of whether such damages were foreseeable damages at the time of creation of contract between the buyer and the seller.

is this true or false
The buyer should examine the goods for any lack of conformity, and if the buyer is not satisfied with the delivered goods, then it is sufficient for the buyer to notify the seller of the lack of conformity by sending the following note to the seller: “The delivered goods are not in conformity with the contract terms because they are not according to my expectations.”

is this true or false
When goods that have been purchased and delivered to the buyer are not in conformity with the descriptions in the contract, to the extent that the goods cannot be used or resold with reasonable efforts, then such case would amount to a fundamental breach of the contract.

is this true or false?
What is the basic purpose of the U.S. legal system?
do you think criminal trials are as fascinating In reality as they are portrayed on television? Why or why not?
What are the similarities and differences between the definitions for serial and mass murder?
What purposes are served by establishing the typologies that apply to a mass murderer? Are they the same purposes that are served by establishing the typology of a serial killer?
Could a serial murderer ever become a mass murderer and vice versa? Why or why not?
According to the … feminist theory, the lower crime rate for women is linked to their ‘second-class’ economic and social position.
Legal principles under contract contrary to statutory
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