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1. Factors such as protection of the community as a whole, reconciliation, compensation, political instability,and unreliable statics refer to: (a) Marxism feminism (b) Black feminism (c) Critical criminology (d) Criminology in Africa 2. Various motivation theories exist. In this regard, . . . theories state that punishment and reward serve as a means to ensure that people act in a certain way (a) process (b) instrumental (c) content (d) structure 3. Serial rapists are motivated to rape by . . . and . . . (a) frustration;anger (b) power;anger (c) control;anger (d) lust; control 4.The factors such as cognition and criminal or non-criminal thought processes are included in an offender's . . . (a) rational choice ability (b) mind-set (c) morals and values (d) problem-solving skills 5. Cultural deviance is perceived as a . . . theory (a) social process (b) social structure (c) trait (d) rational choice
How should tourists behave when they visit slum
Is slum tourism a legitimate form of tourism or another leoriberal exploitative endeavor? Argue your point of view by using example from your own city, state or country
Compare and contrast slum tourism with any other form of tourism such as visiting a popular city or a heritage site
Explain the disadvantage of slum tourism
Factors such as protection of the community as a whole, reconciliation, compensation, political instability, and unreliable statics refer to...
Flint, a retail seller of TV’s, ordered 100 Color-X TV’s from Martin, a manufacturer. The order specified the price and that the TV’s are to be shipped by Hummingbird Express on or before October 30th. Martin received the order on October 5th. On October 8th, Martin wrote Flint a letter indicating that the order was received and that the TV’s will be shipped as directed at the specified price. Flint received this letter on October 10th. On October 28th, Martin, in preparing the shipment, discovers it has only 90 Color-X TV’s in stock. Martin ships the 90 Color-X TV’s as well as 10 TV’s of a different model, stating clearly on the invoice that the 10 different TV’s are being shipped only as acommodation. Flint claims that Martin is in breach of contract. Martin claims that the shipment was not an acceptance, and, therefore, no contract was formed. Applying the IRAC method, discuss who is correct and why.
limited empathy and impulsiveness are linked to criminal behaviour and are perceived as...and...factors
the...theories explain how people become offenders through learning
Explain the importance of the Fourth Amendment as it relates to the importance of individual American rights. Explain what is reasonable suspicion and why it is important as it relates to the police even engaging individuals in a conversation as to what he/she/they are up to? Explain what is probable cause and why it is important as it relates to making an immediate arrest and in another case getting a search warrant. Finally, explain the purpose and importance of getting a search warrant even when officers know the house is full of drugs or a fugitive is hiding in a house?
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