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I often hear that one degree of longitude translates into 4 minutes of time. However in the real world is it the case that travelling from Rome to say Martinsicuro in Italy (a difference of about 1.417 degrees of longitude and a more northerly latitude) you lose the same time as you would by travelling to Scanno (similar difference in longitude viz-a-viz Rome but same latitude) or Sessa Aurunca (again similar difference in longitude viz-a-viz Rome but a more southerly latitude)? And what would the time loss be in each of the above cases viz-a-viz Rome?
Is travelling from the UK to Sydeny western or eastern bound travel?
Write a term paper on the topic : Application of scale to map reading
Relevance of remote sensing to marine science and technology
Dear Sir/Madam, How large are the areas of land and ocean respectively between 60N-90N? Best
my question is based on reading the synoptic chart and answer the questions how to read synoptic chart
Compass rose 90 from N is: 45 from E is: 180 from NE is: 45 from SW is: Between N and NW is: Between S and NE is: Between NE and SW is: Between SW and NE IS ?
If you look at the map of india you will see different types of land forms and water body .How do you think these affect the climate of a place?
Southernmost country in Africa
What pieces of evidence support gamow's hypothesis about the beginning of the universe?
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