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What are people all around the world using GIS and Geospatial Mapping for?
The choice of a map’s scale determines how much of and how reality can be shown on a map.
Discuss the above statement by referring to how the scale of a map influences a map reader’s attention , as well as to how the scale influences both the level of detail displayed on a map , and the dimensionality of features on a map
Work out the compass magnetic bearing (a) from longkloof to Grasskop and (b) from Grasskop to Rooi dam and then from rooi dam to longkloof
Spatial problem and it's three spatial features

How a map can be used to address geographical questions such as where, what and why

The bearing you calculate on a map is known as. ......
When calculating the scale of an aerial photograph 'H' in formula denotes the. .......
Values east of the Greenwich meridian increase and are sometimes considered positive or have east attached to them. Is it true or false
A longitude value of -123˚ means 123
What are the two main rivers that run through Winnipeg?
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