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1.     describe connectivity functions used within a GIS environment.   

1.     What type of projection class would be most suiting for spatial analysis in North America and why? 

Name four component of solar system

Mental map are also known as

Name the factors that should be considered in designing a map

Discuss and demonstrate the relevance of any two probability distribution in geostatistics

One of the one-sided angles formed by intersecting two parallel lines by a third is 42 ° larger than the other. Find those angles.

what is a map showing the number of household with access to satellite tv called

Which one of the following observations does not relate to spatial Anat as a method used by geographers to analyse spatial distribution pattern of phenomena.a;the distribution of a phenomeno in the term of its position placement and /or arrangement throughout space.b;the frequency of occurrence of a phenomenon in relation to a geography area.c;the geometric arrangements of object in an area to form specific pattern.d;the adaptation of societies to local environment condition as they learn how to exploit local resources.

discuss the highlands of ethiopia

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