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What is the largest river in the united states which has its source from minnoisoda and the mouth is louisana
The Arctic circle cuts through what 4 bodies of water?

In cap-and-trade system, countries can buy and sell



pollution credits.


How did the wildfire influence native American theology/spirituality in the northwest portion of the U/S
in which economy do the consumers make the decisions of what to make, how much of it, what to charge for it etc
Why is the rule of 70 significant for a nation to calculate and how it can help?
Describe the relationship between maximum urban-rural temperature difference
and population?
Here is a statue of David by Michelangelo. What is the relationship of this work of art to metamorphism? Would you rather have a tombstone carved out of marble or quartzite? Which is more susceptible to acid rain and why?
Identify the lake situated to the west and southwest of gishwati forest
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