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The one that exist both on map and in the field is?

identify a human and a phyiscal feature

atmospheric pressure is how much

How does latitude impact the processes that control density-driven circulation? Evaluate the differences in high latitude regions of the ocean versus equatorial regions of the ocean. Why do deep waters form in high latitudes?

Climate change has global consequences. Suggest the environmental and social consequences of climate change for the world

What industry provides consumer services

what kind of non potable water sources surround the middle east

Formulate a geographic inquiry question for each of the following:

  • How tourism restrictions are helping environmentally fragile regions
  • How wildlife culling is maintaining the health of wild species populations
  • How former mining sites and quarries are being rehabilitated for other uses
  • How minerals are being recovered from mine tailings

a) Discuss the internal and composition of the earth. Make sure to discuss on

types of crusts.

b) Discuss soil formations

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