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Which of the following best describes environmental education as practiced in south africa? Education about....
1 plants, animals ,parks, birds, reptiles ,rivers ,wetlands and seas.
2 the environment, knowledge, skills ,values, attitudes ,behaviour ,decision-making and action
3 people, economics, politics ,houses ,consumers, properties, jobs and money
4 society, community, culture, language, race, ethnicity, rights and religion
Typically,environmental education entails

1)learning about the environment
2)learning about and for the environment
3)learning about, in and for the environment
4)learning for the environment
The following methods can be employed in active learning about, in and for the environment .
A )information transfer and experiential
B)experiential and experimental (investigative)
C)action-oriented (learning by doing )and investigative
D) deliberative, action-oriented and information transfer

1option A.B and c
2 option B.C and D
3 option A.C and D
4option A.B.C and D
the following is not examples of abiotic factors
1 a spider
2 a rainstorm
3 a decaying tree log
4 sand
The diagram below shows a marine food chain

Phytoplankton -------> zooplankton ------- herring--------------salmon

The zooplankton in this chain are

1 primary producers
2 primary consumer
3 secondary consumer
4 tertiary consumer
Which was one of the offshoots of the world summit on sustainable development held in Johannesburg in 2002
1 agenda 21
2 the decade for education for sustainable development
3 BOnn declaration
4 south african environmental project
Which dimensions of the environment are all human derived element?
1 plants,animals,bacteria and green algae
2 climate change , water and plants
3 water,landscape,soil and air
4 culture ,economy,politics and society

The term for the environmental issues that arises when certain species becomes extinct

1habitat loss

2reduction of biodiversity


4 pollution

Which of the following least contributed to the growth of Ibadan

a) presence of various industries

b)its situated on hill tops

c)being collection center within the Cocoa belt

d)its situated at route junction

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