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Life on earth could exist without the sun true or false
Describe the location of Turkey.
Briefly describe the spatial distribution pattern of pastoral nomadism over the world
(c) If by 31st October 1986, Kendwa Island on Indian Ocean had the magnetic variation of 8010’E and a true bearing of 240030’ from station x, the annual magnetic declaration decreased by 15’. Determine (a) Magnetic bearing of the Island after 36 years. (b) The magnetic variation of the Island by 31st October 2018.
Migration is a controversial issue explain one argument for allowing a lot of migrants to come to the uk
Assess the claim that quality of life in Dharavi is typical for residents of Mumbai
Describe how environmental factors have influenced temperate grasslands to produce rice? (PEEL Paragraph). The answer should be ten lines.
Which farms types dominate areas of flat land? Why?
With the help of the clear and labelled diagrams show the change of seasons on earth resultant from the tilt of its axis of rotation.
Describe the various ways to find out the exact percentage of sand, silt and clay particles in soil.
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