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Why Rann of kutch is considered in zone 5 of damage risk
From the time the majority of Latin American countries gained independence in the 1820s, the establishment of the Monroe Doctrine, and especially in the 20th century, the United States government and the capitalist sector has played a prominent role in Latin America and the Caribbean. Please describe how this has involved the direct political involvement of the U.S. military and CIA in local politics and the promotion (sometimes with the tacit support of the U.S. government) of the extraction of key commodities from the region. In addition to the United States, describe how China has become involved in the region and why. Finally, what are your thoughts on U.S. and Chinese involvement in the region: has it always been fair and democratic? Has it always benefitted the region?
Describe the distribution of those countries with: 1. Very High development 2.High Development 3.Medium development 4.Low development
1. Identify the differences in practices of kinship, gender, and religion in the Middle East/North African region and how these factors affect the lives of women. 2. Describe two future demographic challenges that face the Middle East/North African region. What can be done to mitigate these challenges? 3. How do countries in the Middle East and North Africa manage their water resources? Describe one example of an area where water has become a source of conflict in the region. 4. List two countries of origin for refugees in the Middle East/North African region. What are two current push or pull factors that motivate people to leave these countries and enter another? 5. Summarize two examples of the legacies of European colonialism in Sub-Saharan Africa, together with the diversity of ethnicities, religions, and languages have created conflict within and between countries.
please answer the geography question in map please check this link of map image and the right answer please

How is Nottingham connected to other places within the UK and internationally?

what is at 20 degrees south, and 140 degrees west
Plan a road trip [ within the city or abroad ] Create your own travel guide map using GPS . Marks all the halts you wish to make on your onward journey . These can be restaurants / cafe , your favorite sites , scenic areas , your relatives house , restrooms , petrol pumps , landmarks . Also mark the place of origin and destination .
What is located in Mexico south of Tucson?
Which country currently participates in a union with Russia, and has in the past considered merging with Russia?
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