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Positive and negative effects that the informal sector is facing during covid-19 in sa
______ are terrestrial planets.
Explain the problems faced by people living in squatter settlements near the railway tracks in Dhaka
Explain why migration may lead to the growth of slums in cities
Discuss the features and application of one example of each of the following mathematical models
(b) Using the radiosonde data from a weather station in one of the Pacific Island Countries
in the month of April 2020, answer the questions that follow;
Table 1: Radiosonde data
PPPP (mb) TTT (°C) TdTdTd(°C) dddff Height(m)
950.7 34.9 20.8 09010 506
850 22.7 17.2 10017 1490
800 17.6 15.4 11014 2010
700 11.2 6.3 11012 3130
600 2.7 -6.7 09012 4400
500 -5.1 -13.7 11012 5850
400 -6.0 -14.5 11015 5900
(i). Calculate the atmospheric stability between 700 and 800 mb levels. (4 Marks)
(ii). Briefly explain the weather conditions associated with the atmospheric
stability in (i).
Describe how physical factors can affect agricultural landuse and practice in Italy
(i) State the different relief features of Vietnam. [4m]
(ii) Explain the importance of rivers. [5m]
(iii) Describe the natural characteristics that contribute to the growth of healthy forests? [3m]
(iv) What is deforestation? How can this problem be solved? [3m]
(v) Explain the reasons due to which crop cultivation is possible in Vietnam? [3m]
(vi) What does the flag on Vietnam represent? [2m]
Is Russia between 20 degrees and 40 degrees north of the equator
How does aging population effect Canada
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