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What is the relative location of Lahore and its relationship to other locations?

where is north america

How do China and North Korea differ from the other countries in the region?

What major event shifted the power in Europe to England's favor during the late 1500s that encouraged English colonization in North America?

Choose 3 of the following factors, and explain how this factor has influenced the traditional way of life of the First Nations: A. The increase in the population of Canada - B. The use of residential schools - C. The displacement of First Nations people to the reserves - D. Laws concerning hunting and fishing - E. Development and resource projects *

Which of the following parts of a midlatitude cyclone would be associated with the most violent weather?

Being an island country, land in this country is limited. Following a period of rapid growth after WWII, this country began reclaiming land by creating man-made islands in it's harbors. Which country is it?

Activity 1: Direction and Location

Read and analyze each of the given item. Give what is asked.

A. 1. Convert the following quadrant notations to azimuthal notations.

a. N60 0 W

b. S20 0 E

c. N15 0 E

d. S75 0 W

e. N1 0 E

2. Convert the following azimuthal notations to quadrant notations.

a. 75 0

b. 335 0

c. 100 0

d. 250 0

e. 175 0

on a map, the distance between two towns is 2.6 cm. the scale of the map is 1 cm: 50 km. what is the actual distance between the two towns?

6 am at 18°E what is the time at 60°E

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