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If you measure 3cm’s on the map from your house to your work and the scale is 1:250,000, how far in km’s is it from your house to your work in real life?
What makes the Pacific Plate Rim a ring of fire? Explain why the most powerful earthquakes happen on the Pacific Ocean Rim? Explain the relationship between tsunami and earthquakes.
What makes the lithospheric plates move in different directions?
What time will it be at 90W if it is 10pm, at 45W
which of the following forms of weathering commonly results in rock rusting:
carbonation, oxidation, hydrolosis, exfoliation
You are the manager of a local bank and have been asked to conduct a survey on prospective A2 farmers that are to be given financial assistance. Design a questionnaire to use in your survey.
Name two areas in the Caribbean that are geologically stable. Give one reason for your answer
Particulate Matter (PM), natural or anthropogenic, found in the air includes fine volcanic ash, pollen, fire smoke, salt particles from ocean spay, and wind-blown dust. Why is PM2.5 and more harmful than PM10?
List five examples of primary and two examples of secondary pollutants of air.
List five main natural and five main anthropogenic sources of air pollution.
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