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Question #149615
Explain in general terms how cells obtain the energy to do cellular work
Expert's answer

Catabolic pathways release the energy stored in complex molecules through the breakdown of these molecules into simpler compounds. Anabolic pathways, sometimes called biosynthetic pathways, require energy to combine simpler molecules into more complicated ones.

Exergonic reaction proceeds with a net release of free energy and is spontaneous. Endergonic reactions are nonspontaneous; they must absorb free energy from the surroundings.

Enzymes are biological catalysts agents that speed the rate of a reaction but are unchanged by the reaction

Investment of activation energy is known as a free energy of activation where the energy that must be absorbed by reactants to reach the unstable transition state, in which bonds are likely to break, and form which the reaction can proceed.

Kinetic energy is the relative motion of object whereas potential energy is the energy an object not in motion still possess.

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