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Question #115579
Identify which of the following are referred to: sleep apnea, Seasonal Affective Disorder, narcolepsy, night terrors, and sleep paralysis.
14. Emotional symptoms resembling depression.
15. Waking up from sleep and feeling that you cannot move, because your nervous system still does not allow the motor neurons to receive messages.
16. Suddenly fall into the REM stage when you are awake. _________________
17. Difficulty breathing in your sleep. __________________

He mentions a difference between hypnosis and meditation.

What is the difference between physiological dependence and psychological dependence? (2 pts.)

Identify, for each of the following, if they belong to the category of stimulants, depressants, narcotics, or hallucinogens:
24. morphine
21. cocaine
22. marijuana
20. methadone
25. alcohol
23. tobacco

The terms "withdrawal" and "tolerance";
26. how do they differ?
27. how are they similar?
Expert's answer

The correct answers are:

14. Seasonal affective disorder

15. Sleep paralysis

16. Narcolepsy

17. Sleep apnea

Hyponosis is a trance-like state of heightened awareness induced by another person while meditation is also a state of heightened focus or awareness which is self induced

19. physiological dependence is marked by withdrawal symptoms that make you feel physically ill, while psychological dependence is marked by a persistent, strong urge to use drugs despite negative consequences.

24. Narcotics

21. Stimulant

22. Depressants

20. Narcotics

25. Depressants

23. Stimulant

26. Withdrawal is the part of drug abuse that happens when a person is no longer using, but their bodies have become used to having those substances taken in regularly while  tolerance happens as a person develops diminished response to a drug that is a result of repeated use.


Tolerance and withdrawal both demonstrate that drug abuse is crossing the line and turning into an addiction. 

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