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Question #115463

What do REM cycles mean?

Mention 3 characteristics that distinguish the REM stage from the other sleep stages

What is the difference between the latent content and the manifest content of dreams, according to Freud? (2 pts.)

According to Hobson and McCarley, what happens during the processes of activation and synthesis?
7. activation =
8. summary =

Mention whether the following are True or False:
9. Hypnosis is used for pain relief.
10. Hypnosis is used to stop smoking.
11. Under hypnosis you can follow orders to hurt yourself or others.
12. Only some people can fall under hypnosis.
13. Hypnosis is used to help people remember events from past lives.
Expert's answer

1. REM denotes rapid eye movement. Eyes move quickly in different directions during REM sleep.

2. During REM sleep, the brain becomes very active. Time spent in REM changes as one gets older. People have active dreams REM sleep.

3. Manifest content is the part of the dream that people remember, while latent content represents hidden dreams. Additionally, latent content is symbolic,while the manifest content is non-symbic.

4. Activation: dreams are created by changes in neuron activity that activates the brain stem during REM sleep.

Synthesis: The brain synthesizes and interprets internal activity and create meaning from dreams.

9. Hypnosis is used for pain relief: true.

10. Hypnosis is used to stop smoking: true.

11. Under hypnosis you can follow orders to hurt yourself or others: false.

12. True.

13. True.

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