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Lori Gortz 3465 Mirlo Street, Peabody, MA 34756
Print Lori Gortz's name and address
1. Print lines where the first name matches a B or b
1. Change CA to California
2. Give everyone a $250,00 raise
Lori Gortz 10/2/65 : 35200
Calculate Lori's age
Norma Corder:397-857-2735 : 74 Pine Street, Dearborn, MI 23874 : 3/28/45 : 245700
Print the city and state where Norma lives.
Print all lines containing the pattern Street
Write a script that will print 10 random number cards from a deck.
B. The outer loop will iterate through a list consisting of cards for each suit: clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades. The inner loop will iterate through a list for each type of card within the suit: ace, 1 through 10, jack, queen, and king. A card of each suit will be assigned to an array.
Write a script that will print 10 random number cards from a deck.
A. The script will build a deck of 52 cards by using nested foreach loops.
C. The rand() function will be used to get a random card from the pack. There should be no duplicates in the 10 cards selected from the deck.
Ask the user for a list of grades, seperated by whitespace. The grade will be stored in a string called $input.
A. Split the string $input and create an array.
B. Use the foreach loop to get the total sum of all the grades.
C. Print the average.
Physicist tell us that the lowest possible temperature is absolute zero. Absolute zero is -459.69 degrees Fahrenheit.
C. Print a header showing : "Fahrenheit Celcius". Print all the values from the beginning to the ending temperatures. Use a looping mechanism.
The conversion formula is: C = (F - 32) / 1.8
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