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Given a square maze (A) of dimension N, every entry (Aij) in the maze is either an open cell 'O' or a wall 'X'. A rat can travel to its adjacent locations (left, right, top and bottom), but to reach a cell, it must be open. Every cell in the maze will contain a survival probability P. Your task is to find the number of ways to place maximum number of rats, such that they are not able to reach other and at the same time their minimum survival probability is at least PS. As the result can be long, take modulus of the result with 1000000007
Perera & Sons maintain their Employee Records (Maximum 10) in the following manner. Write Program for the following.
What entails and constitutes putting together a local area network at a medium sized business.
write a programe in machine language to take string at input and then display the string that has entered?
Elina develops the customer details maintenance application and the EMI calculator application and provides both the applications to Dwayne for testing. While testing the applications, Dwayne discovers the following problems: The application displayed a message to the user to enter the path of the customer details file. However, the customer details maintenance application crashed as Dwayne mistakenly entered the wrong file path. Therefore, he asks Elina to modify the application so that it does not crash due to similar errors. Modify the code that Elina needs to accomplish the preceding task. [5 Marks] The EMI calculator application crashed when Dwayne accidentally entered zero as the rate of interest. Therefore, he asks Elina to modify the application so that it displays an error message if the principal amount, rate of interest, or tenure of the loan entered is invalid. Add the code snippet that Elina should use to modify the application according to the preceding requirements.
Suppose two line segments intersect. The two endpoints for the first line segment are (x1, y1) and (x2, y2) and for the second line segment are (x3, y3) and (x4, y4). Write a program that prompts the user to enter these four endpoints and displays the intersecting point.
to create a file and to display the contents and delete the file
Will Open Authentication replace OpenID? Would you recommend Open Authentication for secure applications like online banking?
A survey was recently conducted in your residential area regarding the preservation of oldbuildings and monuments in the area. Write a report of the survey outlining both theadvantages and disadvantages ofthe proposal.
The first stage of the software development lifecycle is
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