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Answer to Question #11567 in Molecular Physics | Thermodynamics for Lee Zhen Yueng

Question #11567
A certain fluid at 10 bar is contained in a cylinder behind a piston, the initial volume
being 0.05 m^3. Calculate the work done by the fluid when it expands reversibly:
i. at constant pressure to a final volume of 0.2 m^3
ii. according to a linear law to a final volume of 0.2 m^3 and a final pressure of 2 bar
iii. according to a law pV = constant to a final volume of 0.1 m^3
iv. according to a law pV^3 = constant to a final volume 0f 0.06 m^3
v. according to a law p=(a/v^2) - (b/v) to a final volume of 0.1 m^3 and a final pressure of 1 bar
where A and B are constants.
Sketch all processes on a p-V diagram.

I have the answer but I need the solution. Thanks
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Assignment Expert
28.12.16, 18:39

Dear Matt, the aim of the integral is the area. If you have well known figure (triangle or trapezoid) then you can easily calculate its area using standard formulas.

28.12.16, 15:04

Can this be solved analytically without using integration?

Munir Ahmed
24.05.15, 16:07

first part= 150,000
2nd part= 90,000
3rd part= 34700
4th part= 7460
5th part= 19200
6th part= not sure

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