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Answer on Mechanics | Relativity Question for Sakura

Question #60593
A satellite is placed in a circular orbit around Jupiter. The altitude of the satellite above the surface of Jupiter is 775km. Jupiter has a mass of 1.90x10^27kg and a radius of 7.14x10^7m.

1.Determine the radius of motion of the satellite.

2.What force is providing the centripetal force necessary for the satellite to stay in orbit?

3.In what direction is the centripetal force always acting?

4.Using the equation for centripetal force, Fc= m(v/R), and the gravitational force, Fg=Gmm/R^2, derive the mathematical equation that allows you to calculate the orbital speed of the satellite.

5.Calculate the orbital speed of the satellite circling Jupiter using the equation derived in part 3. The value of G=6.67x10^-11N*m^2/kg^2.
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30.06.2016 22:40

Thank you

Assignment Expert
30.06.2016 10:28

775 km = 775*10^3 m = 0.0775*10^7 m
R = (0.0775 + 7.14)*10^7 m = 7.2175*10^7 m

29.06.2016 11:48

I don't understand how you get 72175x10^7m in question because every time I try it, I calculate 7.82x10^9m.

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