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Question #41006
The ambulance (mass 3000kg) shown in the Figure(2) slides (wheels locked) down a frictionless incline that is 10 m long. It starts from rest at point A, and continues along a rough surface until it comes to a complete stop at point C. If the coefficient of kinetic friction between the ambulance and the horizontal rough surface is 0.1. (a) Calculate the speed of the ambulance at point B.(b) Compute the distance d the ambulance slides on the horizontal rough surface before stopping
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Assignment Expert
06.05.14, 20:19

In a nutshell. Ambulance slides without friction when it is on the incline. And one uses an energy conservation law here: a car takes some a speed during sliding. When car runs on a horizontal surface, there is some a friction. And here one uses the second Newton's law.

Otherwise, please say what do you not understand.

03.05.14, 13:00

Can you please explain b more I did not understand it

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