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Question #19435
A 10 pound object is suspended by a string from an overhead support. A horizontal force of 5.8 pounds is applied on the object. The measure of the angle which the string makes with the horizontal is a. 30 degrees b. 45 degrees c. 60 degrees d. 90 degrees
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Assignment Expert
25.09.19, 16:02

Dear visitor,
please use panel for submitting new questions

25.09.19, 11:59

What do the variables mean? And can you get this without the help of a calculator? Thank you!

Assignment Expert
20.09.17, 15:50

Dear Krys, the correct answer is 60 degrees.

20.09.17, 12:55

I've encountered this question in one of my reviewers and it says the answer is 30 degrees ( unfortunately, the reviewer doesn't have ant explanation as to why it yield 30) :) Hoping you could clarify this one. Thanks :)

Assignment Expert
23.03.17, 17:53

Dear ronron, the answer is correct. The only trick can appear if you measure the angle from vertical. Then it will be 30 degrees

23.03.17, 14:07

hi um it's just that the answer to #19435 is A and um it's not that i know how it's just what's written on the answer key nd i just wanna know how it became A thanks

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