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Question #256407

1. How does corruption impact on

service delivery?

2. In what ways can victims of crime be better assisted and empowered in the criminal justice system?

3. In the course of this module you reflected on the ethos of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa and uBuntu In what ways can criminal justice system functionaries incorporate the principles of Ubuntu in their daily work?

4. Think of a role model whom you believe embodies the qualities that are i vital to being ethical. This does not have. to be a famous person Say who this person is and why you look up to. him/her for ethical guidance

Expert's answer

a. Corruption increases the cost of doing business, discourages foreign and local investments, distorts public expenditures, reduces economic efficiency and slows down

b. Victims can also be supported and empowered through referrals to professional support services such as institutions advocating for victim rights, legislative aspects that can address the victim's compensation, rights and protection, emotional support and financial support.

c. there are two essential parts of this philosophy which are catching on elsewhere in the world that criminal justice functionaries can use. The first is the expanded “humanistic” approach (to borrow from the western philosophy of the 19th and 20th centuries). It is important at this point to recognize that a part of the Ubuntu approach is not simply the idea of race relations in the vacuum of South Africa, but how can lessons (and philosophies developed) from that environment be helpful in other areas. That is why we start with the blending of the African philosophies with the western approaches. At the heart of both African and European cultures rests a strong religious foundation, from which much of their view of others will arise. This is where the humanistic approach comes into play. For the humanist, the theme is on the value of the individual agency (not just liberty), individually and collectively. The general preference is toward critical thinking and evidence (rationalism, empiricism) over the acceptance of dogma or superstition.

d. My first role model was my “mentor” who provided guidance and understanding on my education plus healthy eating. My second role model was my grandmother, who lived in a separate country, who believe in education and wanted all of us to learn how to read and write Spanish so we could correspond with her. It was the best thing in the world to have that ability to learn from someone that loved education. Unfortunately, my narcissistic mom told me not to send her the letter which was a personal and loving letter but my narc mom was jealous of anyone that would take her affection from her. I always regretted I didn’t send the letter because I spoke so lovingly about my grandmother

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