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Question #173174

Watch the video: Vietnam War/The 20th Century/ World History/Khan Academy

  1. key term- Gulf of Tonkin Resolution( definition in your own words)
  2. Summarize what you learned from this section of this video(6:40-10:20)
  3. list 1 synonym
  4. list 1 antonym
  5. picture of term
Expert's answer

1. The Gulf of Tonkin resolution is the policy that was passed in 1964 by the United States legislature after the North Vietnam boat attack United States novel destroyers situated off the coast of Vietnam. The policy gave U.S. President Lyndon Johnson the power to formally engage in the Vietnam battle, hence preventing further attacks by the communist government of North Vietnam.

2. After the fall of President Diem and his brother Rego Dinh Nhu in 1963, Kennedy took over although he did not like politics instead he loved prosecuting his citizen. Kennedy was later assassinated in Ballas and was replaced by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

In 1964 the Gulf of Tonkin incident took place where the American government claims of the United States novel ships heading to the coast of Vietnam being attacked by North Vietnam torpedo boats.

The Vietnam attacks embarrassed the American people and decided to enact the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Nevertheless, the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution gives President Lyndon Johnson the authority to fully incorporate into Vietnam War.

3 synonyms

Viet Cong- Vietnamese communist.


Indecent- resolution.

4. Pictures term.

In Vietnam War, the compelling images made their way out of combat zones. On the television screens and magazine pages around the world, photographs told the story of the war that told an article of the fight that only got more confusing.

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